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navy hero once said,
"Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!"
He also said something about
goin' in harm's way.
Nice shooting, Bob.
You'd have beat him again
if he hadn't bumped you.
Nah, I'd have missed on purpose.
Don't worry. I'll uphold
the honour of the old outfit.
STAR, Vincent's my name.
Sharpshooting is my game.
Try me.
Your probe ship has only gone
to the event horizon, Doctor...
not into the black hole itself.
How do you expect the Cygnus to escape
being crushed by the force in there?
I would assume
that Dr Reinhardt has created
an antigravitational force field...
capable of withstanding that stress.
Indeed, and I know you will say,
Captain, that one mistake
in navigation can be fatal.
But I know exactly what I'm doing.
The course I have chosen...
will take the Cygnus through
at its optimum angle of rotation.
The vortex will cause us to move
at incredible speed...
and that angle
will slingshot us through.
Nice shot, STAR.
Simple, but nice.
Tricky. Here, try this.
If one dances,
one must pay the piper.
If there's anything I cannot stand,
it's a sore loser.
Meet me in parts storage.
So, as I understand it, you want
the Palomino to monitor your journey.
That's right. I need you to go
to another place and another time...
a place where,
if you're lucky...
I'll have the possibility to find
what we call "the ultimate knowledge."
Yes, Maximilian?
The probe ship is about to dock.
Continue your meal, gentlemen.
Cuckoo as a Swiss clock.
My name's Bob,
Bio-sanitation Battalion.
I couldn't talk freely before,
but I have a whole lot to tell you.
If Maximilian knew you were here, why,
it'd be the end for the both of us.
Can you permanently rearm my lasers?
Yeah, I can. Vincent, you and
your friends are in grave danger.
Reinhardt only turned the lights on
to prevent any damage to the Cygnus.
This is a death ship.
What does your intuition
tell you, Kate?
That Dr Reinhardt is walking a tightrope
between genius and insanity.
- I think the guy's nuts.
- I don't buy that.
Well, whatever he is,
he's an out-and-out liar.
That tiny little one-man garden of his
is big enough to feed an army.
Nothing strange about that.
It purifies the air.
- Oh.
- Tell them about the funeral, Dan.
A robot funeral, Alex.
It was almost human.
Look. Granted, the 20 years
out of contact with people...
has made this man a little eccentric,
but you can't ask me to believe...
that he's programmed his robots
to feel emotions.
- Come on.
- I know what I saw, Alex...
and we only have Reinhardt's word
for what happened to his crew.
All I know is that that robot gardener
was almost human too.
Ha! He even walked with a limp.
What spooks you
about a malfunctioning robot, Harry?
I wasn't spooked, old buddy.
I'm just telling you
that I had a gut feeling that...
that I was looking at
some kind of...
some kind of person.
- What are you getting at?
- That we make our apologies,
say our goodbyes...
and get off this ship
as quick as we can.
Oh, now, wait a minute, Dan.
Now, hold it, hold it.
Now, now, now, l-let's stop
and figure this thing out.
If Reinhardt has antigravity
strong enough to hold him here...
I figure he's got enough
to pull away.
- So?
- "So"?
So why not take this ship
and Reinhardt back home?
That's a long shot
you're talking about, Harry.
Aw, come on. You've got
two scientific wizards here...
to figure out the computers, a-and they
can even reprogram the robots.
And the three of us can handle Reinhardt
and that pet monster of his.
I'm tellin' you,
we could all be heroes.
We could also be dead.
These poor creatures are
what's left of the crew.
Kept alive by means
I don't pretend to understand.
They're more robot than human.
Let's get outta here
before we're discovered.
Too late. Watch it!
Think there are any more?
All clear.
Let's get rid of the evidence.
Maximilian will take you
to Debriefing.
I will check out
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