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That long, dark tunnel to nowhere.
Or somewhere.
These are exactly answers
yet to be explored.
You've defined the power
of the black hole with your
antigravity calculations.
A stunning achievement, sir.
- You think so?
- Yes. I do.
Thank you.
I think, Dr Durant...
that you are a man
who longs for a sense...
of his own greatness...
but has not yet found
his true direction.
Perhaps I could find it here...
if you're in no hurry
for us to leave.
Shall we discuss that
over dinner?
- It's only dinner.
- "Said the spider to the fly."
I should be with you.
Yeah, we'll be safer without you
and Max trying to knock heads.
I can handle that thing.
Well, far be it from you to admit
there isn't anything you can't handle.
There are three basic types,
Mr Pizer. The wills,
the won'ts and the can'ts.
The wills accomplish everything,
the won'ts oppose everything...
and the can'ts
won't try anything.
Well, do us all a favour, Vincent,
and try to be a can't...
especially where
that monster's concerned.
We need you,
not another corkscrew.
Hey, hey, hey. Look at that.
Vincent, you're gonna have
the time of your life in there.
I don't mean to sound superior,
but I hate the company of robots.
So try and relax.
Have some fun.
Remember what they say:
"All work and no play"?
"All sunshine makes a desert,"
so the Arabs say.
You'll alert me
if you're in trouble, Captain?
Why don't you go on in there
and have some laughs, Vincent.
We've been in some scrapes before,
and we're gonna get out of this one.
As you were.
- Who's the flashy black hat?
- S-T-A-R.
Special Troops Arms Regiment.
Reinhardt's prototype
for the sentry robots.
He was number one
until Reinhardt built Maximilian.
He's sharp, but we're sharper.
Do you ever go up against him?
- Once.
- What happened?
I beat him. He got so upset,
he blew a fuse.
He had his revenge, though.
He did things to me that I sure
don't like to think about.
A great many experiments are in progress
aboard the Cygnus, gentlemen...
some of them dangerous.
I suggest in the interest
of your own safety...
that there are no more
unescorted excursions
for the duration of your stay.
- Agreed?
- Sure, sure.
Good. Please, sit down.
Well, Mr Booth,
what's new on Earth?
Well, I don't think it's changed
very much since you left, Doctor.
Nothing much ever changes.
Same news, different names.
- You still writing for the same paper?
- The same.
Still on strike?
Ah, fresh mushroom soup.
Prepared from my own personal garden.
I remember writing about
the extensive agricultural station.
Large enough to supply the needs
of the entire crew, wasn't it, Doctor?
These days it's tiny.
Just enough for one person.
Ah. Naturally.
Our wine and our spare parts
are vintage, Captain.
I hope they're satisfactory.
We've had to modify
a few of the parts, Doctor...
but, uh, that shouldn't take long.
- We'll be ready to leave soon.
- Speak for yourself, Dan.
I, for one, believe I have a great deal
to learn from Dr Reinhardt.
Thank you.
Our mission's finished, Alex.
A toast.
To you and your companions,
Dr Durant...
on the occasion
of your visit to the Cygnus.
Welcome aboard, Miss Kate.
The only Earth people to know
of my existence.
And to you, sir,
and your magnificent accomplishments.
Tonight, my friends...
we stand on the brink...
of a feat unparalleled
in space exploration.
If the data on my returning probe ship
matches my computerized calculations...
I will travel
where no man has dared to go.
Into the black hole?
and beyond.
Why, that's crazy.
Ha! Impossible!
The word "impossible,"
Mr Booth...
is only found
in a dictionary of fools.
Are there any more like us
left on board?
I'm the last one. These upstarts
think I'm some old freak.
They still haven't improved
on our model. Oh, you can't modify
perfection. We are the best.
Oh, lordy.
He wants a rematch.
As an old
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