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harder they fall.
Maybe you should've smiled
when you said it, Vincent.
Doctor, this ship
doesn't appear to be crippled.
Of course not. We repaired the damage
and became operable again.
But you never obeyed the order
to return to Earth.
That's right.
I refused this order.
There were larger considerations...
other worlds
yet to be explored...
life dreams unrealized.
The authorities would still consider
that an act of piracy, Doctor.
What would you have said, Mr Booth,
if the authorities...
would have called back Columbus just
before he discovered the New World?
You wouldn't even exist.
I'm about to prove to you
that the end justifies the means.
Pretty busy around here, Max.
What are you gearing up for?
Tell you what, Charlie.
You'll take care of business here,
and I'll go back to the ship
and start working on that regulator.
Don't bother to point the way, Max.
I'll find it by myself.
Well, we need primary and secondary
demand oxygen pressure regulators...
and an ECS proportion
flow valve controller.
Dr Reinhardt told you
to requisition the parts for us.
Let's get cracking.
Way to go, Max.
Way to go.
Vincent. Vital Information
Necessary Centralized.
Labour force. The 396.
I see by your markings
you're from the old 2-8.
Programmed in Houston.
There is enough instant energy
down there to supply all of Earth.
The first step
to colonizing the galaxy.
You will be remembered as one of the
greatest space scientists of all time.
I have never doubted that.
It's about time that people learn
about their failures and my successes.
You should come back with us
and enjoy the glory of that success.
I don't want to go back,
and I don't enjoy successes any more.
There is too much at stake
to pull back.
I'm on the brink
of a great achievement.
All this is just the beginning.
- The beginning? Of what?
- You will know in due time.
Dr Reinhardt, could we have
a demonstration...
- of this incredible
new power source.
- Harry?
Come with me,
and I'll show you everything.
I call it "Cygnium,"
after my ship.
Must've made a wrong turn, Max.
Quite a layout.
I said it's quite
a layout you got here.
Can you speak?
Are you programmed to speak?
No, I guess not.
No, I guess that'd make you
a little bit too real, wouldn't it?
That Reinhardt sure loves
to play God, doesn't he?
Hey, wait a minute!
- I know what I saw, Charlie.
- Dan, nobody buries a robot.
- I didn't say it was a robot.
- Then what?
I don't know what they shot out
into space, but they did it with all the
reverence and honour of a human funeral.
Huh. Maybe Reinhardt lied.
Maybe there are some survivors still
alive. What do you think he's up to?
- Haven't got a clue.
- Well, whatever it is...
he seems cooperative enough
about getting us operable.
A wolf remains a wolf...
even if it has not eaten
your sheep.
Correct, Vincent. The sooner
we blast out of here, the better.
Whatever you say.
Let's snap it up, Vincent.
A pint cannot hold a quart,
Mr Pizer.
If it holds the pint,
it's doing the best it can.
Thank you, Vincent.
- Fascinating.
- From a distance.
Are you interested
in black holes?
How can one not be overwhelmed
by the deadliest force in the universe?
That long, dark tunnel to nowhere.
Or somewhere.
These are exactly answers
yet to be explored.
You've defined the power
of the black hole with your
antigravity calculations.
A stunning achievement, sir.
- You think so?
- Yes. I do.
Thank you.
I think, Dr Durant...
that you are a man
who longs for a sense...
of his own greatness...
but has not yet found
his true direction.
Perhaps I could find it here...
if you're in no hurry
for us to leave.
Shall we discuss that
over dinner?
- It's only dinner.
- "Said the spider to the fly."
I should be with you.
Yeah, we'll be safer without you
and Max trying to knock heads.
I can handle that thing.
Well, far be it from you to admit
there isn't
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