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back, because I shall defeat them.
- Go now, my dear.
- No. I want to stay. You must hide.
Don't worry.
The whole world's my hiding place.
I can stand out there amongst them
in the day or night and laugh at them.
Come along, my darling.
Oh, Father!
Link hands, all around the house.
- Link hands.
- Link hands.
- Link hands.
- Link hands.
Keep close together,
or he'll slip under your arm.
Now, boys, forward.
Thank you, Kemp,
for opening the window.
You're a true friend, Kemp. A man to trust.
I've no time now but, believe me,
as surely as the moon will set
and the sun will rise,
I shall kill you tomorrow night.
I shall kill you even if you hide
in the deepest cave of the earth.
At ten o'clock tomorrow night
I shall kill you.
Help! Help!
He's here! He's here!
- Here he comes.
- Stand where you are.
- What is it?
- Something smacked my face.
(Griffin laughs)
Naughty boy. (laughs)
Ow! Let go!
- What's the matter with you?
- He twisted my nose.
Now, steady, boys.
We've got him all right this time.
(Griffin) Good shot.
(Griffin laughs)
Get that hat.
Now then, boys, advance slowly.
It's all right. He's unarmed.
We've got him easy.
Help! Help! He's got me by the feet!
Here he is! Help!
It's the invisible man! He's got him
by the feet! After him! Quick!
What do you know about that?
(woman screams)
Murder! Murder!
? Here we go gathering nuts in May,
nuts in May, nuts in May
? Here we go gathering nuts in May
on a cold and frosty morning
He threatened to kill me at ten o'clock
tonight. You must lock me up.
You're not the only one
in danger, Dr Kemp.
I'll see that you have protection.
Now, Dr Cranley,
you're concealing something from me.
One moment.
Why were you and your daughter
in this house at two o'clock this morning?
Dr Kemp called me up.
He told me the man was here.
- He wanted my help.
- Why did he ring you before the police?
- Why did your daughter come too?
- She came to drive the car.
You know who
the invisible man is, Doctor.
I understand you have another assistant
besides Dr Kemp, a Dr Griffin.
- Where is Dr Griffin?
- He's gone away.
It is Griffin!
What's the good of concealing it?
It's Griffin,
and he's threatened to murder me.
He may be here now, in the garden
looking through the window,
or in the corner of my bedroom
waiting for me, waiting to kill me!
And you all sit there
doing nothing! Nothing!
We've doubled the search party
around Kemp's house.
Nothing to report, sir. The policeman's
trousers were found a mile away.
- That's all.
- Well, it's beaten me.
I'll give Ј1,000 for a practical idea.
He's roaming the country at will,
a madman.
(Griffin) Here I am.
Aren't you pleased you've found me?
(Griffin) Would you like
to keep him company?
(man) Stand away! Keep back!
(train whistle)
Thank you.
- Give me Ј5 worth of silver, please.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you. Good day.
- Morning.
- Morning, sir.
There you are. A present
from the invisible man.
Money! Money! Money! Money!
? Up and down the City Road
? In and out the Eagle
? That's the way the money goes
? Pop goes the weasel!
Money! Money! Money! Money!
20 men of the search parties
have been killed,
and 100 in the train disaster.
The invisible man has been reported
in a hundred different places.
Now I appeal to you to help us
keep the public calm.
What plans have you got
for capturing him?
100,000 men are searching and watching.
But have you any special
secret means of getting him?
The police have offered Ј2,000
for the first effective means.
- Why not bloodhounds?
- The bloodhounds have lost the scent.
Why not put wet tar on all the roads,
then chase the black soles of his feet?
Because he's not a fool.
Now, we've got one hope, gentlemen.
But I daren't say a word of it here.
He may be standing there
beside you listening.
Try and sleep now, my dear.
There's nothing you can do.
We must just pray
Человек-невидимка Человек-невидимка

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