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watching our feet.
But these are trivial difficulties. We shall
find ways of defeating everything.
You will sleep in the room opposite.
And bring me some more food
at eight o'clock.
Good night.
(clock chimes eleven)
Now you will understand my plans.
You're in charge of all country
to the east, Thompson,
- for 20 miles to the north of the road.
- Very good, sir.
Neville, you take
the opposite section to the south.
Stoland, you take charge
of the search in the hills.
And, Hogan, you take all the villages,
out to the river.
Now, we shall comb the country
for 20 miles round.
We've got a terrible responsibility.
He's mad and he's invisible.
He may be standing beside us now.
But he's human and we shall get him.
We shall have 1,000 men out tonight.
Tomorrow we shall have
10,000 volunteers to help them.
There's a broadcast warning
going out at 10.30.
Now, at all costs,
we must avoid a panic spreading.
Get word to your districts,
and send me a note of your headquarters.
And remember, he'll leave tracks,
even if he himself is invisible.
I must interrupt the music for a moment.
I have an urgent message from the police.
Earlier this evening we broadcast
a report of an invisible man.
The report has now been confirmed.
It appears that an unknown man
by scientific means
has made himself invisible.
He has attacked and killed
a police inspector and is now at large.
The chief of police appeals
to the public for help and assistance.
Those willing to cooperate are requested
to report tomorrow to their local station.
The invisible man works without clothing.
He will have to seek shelter.
You're requested to lock
every door and window,
and every outbuilding
he may use to hide in.
The police will be glad of any suggestions
that will help in capturing the fugitive.
Remember, he's solid but cannot be seen.
A reward of Ј1,000
will be given to any person
whose information leads to his capture.
The police appeal
to the public to keep calm
and to admit uniformed
search parties to all property.
(music resumes)
(shouts of panic)
- I've got the doors padlocked.
- I'll keep him out!
Hello. Get me Esher, 1021.
(phone rings)
Doctor, it's something ghastly.
It's Griffin. He's come back.
He's the invisible man.
He's asleep in my room.
He's mad, a raving lunatic.
He's killed a man tonight.
Listen to me, Kemp.
No one but you and I know that it's Griffin.
- I shall come in the morning.
- You must come now. I can't bear it!
If I come now,
he'll be suspicious and escape.
You must keep him calm and quiet
for tonight. I trust you, Kemp.
- Who was that, Father?
- It was Kemp.
It was about Jack. I know it.
What is it? Tell me.
- Leave me alone, Flora, please.
- I'm not afraid. Tell me.
Jack Griffin's come back.
He's at Dr Kemp's house now.
Jack Griffin's the invisible man.
Is that the police?
Was that Ј1,000 reward all right?
Well, listen, I've got a way to catch him.
The paper says he threw ink
at the man he killed.
Get your own back and squirt ink about
with a hose pipe till you hit him.
The ink'll stick on him.
Then you can shoot him.
Is that the police? I wanna tell you
how to catch the invisible man.
The paper says it's going to be
frosty in a day or two.
Well, you watch out when there's frost,
see, then you can see his breath.
Police, quickly.
Is this the police? This is Dr Kemp.
The invisible man is in my house,
asleep upstairs. Come at once. Hurry!
But, listen, Doctor,
I've only got five men here.
I'd want 100 to surround the house.
Yes, all right. I'll send them up
as soon as possible.
Leave it to me and Kemp. We shall work
day and night to undo this experiment.
- You must let me go to him.
- Only when he's well again.
No, now. I can do far more
with Jack than you or Dr Kemp.
But, Flora, he's not normal.
His mind's unhinged. At present he's mad.
I can persuade him to help you.
You're powerless unless he does.
- I'
Человек-невидимка Человек-невидимка

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