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put the world right now, Kemp.
You and I.
I? You mean...?
I must have a partner, Kemp,
a visible partner,
to help me in the little things.
You're my partner, Kemp.
We'll begin with a reign of terror.
A few murders here and there.
Murders of great men,
murders of little men,
just to show we make no distinction.
We might even wreck a train or two.
Just these fingers
round a signalman's throat, that's all.
Griffin, for heaven's sake!
- Do you want me to take these off?
- No, no.
Very well, then.
We'll make our plans tomorrow.
Tonight we have a small job to do.
Go and get your car out, Kemp.
- Where are we going?
- To the village I left this morning.
I came away without my notebooks. They
contain all the results of my experiments.
- But it's past eight o'clock.
- It's only 15 miles.
Go now. Quickly.
Take a bag with you for the books.
Put a warm rug in the car. It's cold outside
when you have to go about naked.
- All ready?
- Yes.
Come on! Get in!
- Where's that rug?
- In the back.
I'm frozen. It's cold enough
to freeze the icicles off an Eskimo.
We'll stop in a lane near the inn. I'll give
you the books through the window.
- They'll have a guard.
- What can a guard do, you fool?
I must have those books, Kemp. I'll work
in your laboratory till I find the antidote.
Sometimes I'll make you invisible,
give me a rest.
I was walking home to me lunch, sir,
when all of a sudden something takes
hold of me hat and throws it in the pond.
- How many drinks did you have?
- Only a couple, sir, that's all.
A couple of drinks and a gust of wind.
So much for you.
Now then, about the bicycle.
Where's the owner of the bicycle?
Here, sir.
It was pulled clean out of me hands, sir.
Then it pedalled off
down the street, all by itself.
Stop here.
Come on, get out.
Take your bag and walk down the street.
I'll guide you.
Wait outside the window
till the books come out.
Put them in your bag and come back
to the car. Then wait for me.
Don't stare at me, you fool.
Look in front of you.
Come on! Get a move on.
Here we are, Kemp, in here.
Here. Stroll up and down
as though you were waiting for someone.
Watch for that window to open.
Griffin? Griffin? Are you there?
- Who's that, opened that door?
- It's them boys again, sir.
Here, you leave this door alone!
It's private, see!
- Aw, we never touched it.
- Yes, you did.
Go on, hop it. Go on!
There you are, Kemp.
Lies from beginning to end!
I've a good mind to prosecute
all of you for conspiracy.
I shall announce this evening
that the whole thing's a hoax,
and you'll be the laughing stock
of the entire country.
He's here! The invisible man!
Don't leave me! Wait for me!
Don't leave me! Wait for me!
(Griffin) A hoax, is it? All a hoax?
All a hoax?
(door closes)
All right. Off you go.
Go for your life, too.
- Did you hear shouting and screaming?
- What was that screaming?
I had to take some exercise to keep warm.
I killed a stupid policeman.
Smashed his head in.
We start in earnest
tomorrow morning, Kemp.
- Good evening, Doctor.
- Is Inspector Lane at the station?
- I want a word with him.
- Yes, sir.
Extra special!
Invisible man slays policeman!
- Nasty business, this.
- It's a conjuring trick, that's what it is.
I saw a fella
make a peanut disappear once.
There are one or two things
you must understand, Kemp.
I must always remain in hiding
for an hour after meals.
The food is visible inside me
until it is digested.
I can only work on fine, clear days.
If I work in the rain, the water
can be seen on my head and shoulders.
In a fog you can see me, like a bubble.
In smoky cities the soot settles on me
until you can see a dark outline.
You must always be near at hand
to wipe off my feet.
Even dirt between my fingernails
would give me away.
It is difficult at first to walk down stairs.
We are so accustomed
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- II:
- Donggam

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