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police that Griffin's disappeared.
But only that he's disappeared.
I put you on your honour, Kemp,
not to breathe a word of this to anyone.
- Shall I go with you?
- It's all right, Kemp.
I'll go tonight,
when Inspector Lane's on duty.
I'll run along back home, then.
- Good night.
- Good night, Kemp.
(piano music on radio)
(radio) This is the national station
broadcasting this evening's news.
Remarkable story from country village.
Police and doctors
are investigating a story
told this afternoon by
the people of the village of lping.
A mysterious disease has broken out
infecting many of the inhabitants.
It takes the form of a delusion that
an invisible man is living among them.
Several people have been
seriously injured,
probably through fighting, in their belief
that their opponent is an invisible man.
The whole village is
in a state of panic and everyone...
Everyone deserves the fate
that's coming to them.
Panic, death, things worse than death.
Don't be afraid, Kemp.
It's me - Griffin. Jack Griffin.
How are you, my friend?
Brrr! I'm frozen with cold.
Dead tired. Thank God for a fire.
Sit down, you fool.
Let's have a decent fire.
D'you hear me? Sit down, unless
you want me to knock your brains out.
Sit down!
I want you to listen carefully, Kemp.
I've been through hell today.
I want food and sleep, but before
we sleep, there's work to do.
May I have a cigarette?
You always were
a dirty little coward, Kemp.
You're frightened
out of your wits, aren't you?
Oh, it's no good talking like this.
Have you got a good long
surgical bandage?
Good. And a pair of dark glasses?
Right. Go and get them, at once.
Let me have a dressing gown
and pyjamas and a pair of gloves.
You'll feel better
if you can see me, won't you?
Come on. You've no time to waste.
(door slams shut)
You'll find some pyjamas in that room.
Here are the gloves and bandages.
- I'll bring you the glasses.
- Thank you. Don't be long.
Put them on the table.
Now go down and draw the blinds
in your sitting room.
- Are we alone in the house?
- Yes.
Good. All right, go now. If you raise
a finger against me, you're a dead man.
I'm strong and I'll strangle you.
Understand? Wait for me downstairs.
The sitting room, I said, Kemp.
And if you try and escape by the window,
I shall follow you,
and no one in the world can save you.
Here comes the inspector now.
Get up.
Nice fool you've made of me.
I've got reports for ten miles around.
Not a sign of anything.
I'll tell you what I think
of your invisible man: It's a hoax.
Good business for the saloon bar,
eh, Mr Hall?
Suppose I'd break my neck
to sell a gallon of beer?
I'll have an inquiry right now.
Bring in everybody who thinks
they saw or heard anything.
I'll get to the bottom of this.
Get those tables together.
Now, Kemp.
Now then, we can talk as man to man.
Sit down.
One day I'll tell you everything.
There's no time now.
I began five years ago in secret,
working all night, every night,
right into the dawn.
A thousand experiments,
a thousand failures,
and then at last the great, wonderful day.
- But, Griffin, it's ghastly!
- The great, wonderful day.
The last little mixture of drugs.
I couldn't stay here any longer, Kemp.
I couldn't let you see me
slowly fading away.
So I packed up and went to a village
for secrecy and quiet,
to finish the experiment
and complete the antidote,
the way back to visible man again.
I meant to come back
just as I was when you saw me last.
But the fools wouldn't let me work
in peace. I had to teach them a lesson.
But why? Why do it, Griffin?
Just a scientific experiment at first.
That's all. To do something
no other man in the world had done.
But there's more to it than that, Kemp.
I know now.
It came to me suddenly. The drugs I took
seemed to light up my brain.
Suddenly I realised the power I held,
the power to rule,
to make the world grovel at my feet.
We'll soon
Человек-невидимка Человек-невидимка

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