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John Fulton described how the footprints
in the snow coming up were done.
"We dug a trench along the line
where we wanted the footprints,
and covered the trench with a board
in which the footprints had been cut."
"The footprint openings
were filled with wooden outlines,
which had been cut
to make the footprints."
"These were supported by pegs
extended to the bottom of the trench,
and a rope was looped around the pegs
so that pulling upon it
would pull out the pegs,
causing the snow to drop down through
the holes, giving us perfect footprints."
Those footprints look like
shoe prints to me,
but if he had shoes on, the shoes,
of course, would be visible.
What do you think? Dramatic licence?
The doctor here
is British actor Jameson Thomas.
Film buffs may recall his role
as Claudette Colbert's fiancй,
until she ran off with Clark Gable,
in It Happened One Night.
During the late 1950s and early 1960s,
Claude Rains appeared
in many prestige TV productions,
including several Alfred Hitchcock shows.
He had a role in the epic big-screen
Lawrence of Arabia in 1962,
and his final film was
The Greatest Story Ever Told in 1965.
Rains died in 1967 at the age of 77.
In all, Universal made seven films
in which an invisible man
or woman appeared.
Invisibility-effects highlights
from the group
appear as part of the video documentary
included on this special-edition DVD.
Check your menu.
Once again, John Fulton describes
how he accomplished
the gradual revealment
of Jack Griffin in peace in death.
"This was done directly in the camera."
"The pillow, the indentation and all,
was made of plaster,
and the blankets
and sheets of papier-mвchй."
"A long, slow lap dissolve revealed
the skeleton" - a real one, by the way.
"Another lap dissolve replaced the
skeleton with a roughly-sculpted dummy,
which suggested
the contours of the actor."
"A further series of dissolves, each time
using a slightly more finished dummy,
brought us to the real actor himself."
Audiences finally get to see
what Claude Rains looks like.
In marketing, Universal decided to
emphasise the novelty aspect of the film,
rather than sell it as a horror film.
The studio also stressed what was
called at the time "feminine interest".
My favourite catch line is
"Though he was invisible, she loved him."
The Invisible Man was a big success,
critically and commercially,
and a major factor in putting Universal
in the black for the first time in two years.
Remember, this was the worst of times
for the Great Depression.
This is Rudy Behlmer speaking.Hold it!
Ten. 20.
Did you hear about
Mrs Mason's little Willy?
Sent him to school and found him
buried ten foot deep in a snowdrift.
- How did they get him out?
- Brought the fire engine round.
Put the hose pipe in, pumped it
backwards and sucked him out.
(piano starts)
- Perfect bull's-eye.
- (door opening)
(piano stops abruptly)
I want a room and a fire.
- Jenny?
- Hello?
There's a gent here
what wants a room and a fire.
What, a room?
I said a room.
We ain't got none ready,
not at this time of year.
We don't usually have folks stopping,
except in the summer.
You can get one ready.
Certainly, sir. Millie!
- I want a private sitting room, too.
- Certainly, sir.
Will you come through, sir? This way, sir.
It's the coldest winter
we've had down here for years.
They put all the sheep and the cows in
for a fortnight now.
Poor things. They can't get
a blade of green grass.
You may be near-sighted,
but you can't be deaf-and-dumb as well.
Could I take your coat and hat, sir,
and give 'em a nice dry in the kitchen?
- I prefer to keep them on.
- Very good, sir.
The room will be warm soon.
I've got some luggage at the station.
How can I have it sent?
I'll get it dropped over tomorrow.
Are you staying a bit?
- Is there no way of getting it tonight?
- Not tonight, sir.
Человек-невидимка Человек-невидимка

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