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should leave alone.
Your father's a scientist. He's discovered
more about preserving food than anyone.
Jack and I were employed to help him.
That's a plain, straightforward job.
It's not romantic, but it saves
hundreds of deaths and stomachaches.
What things should men leave alone?
He worked in secret. He kept a lot of stuff
locked in a big cupboard in his laboratory.
He never opened it until he'd barred
the door and drawn the blinds.
Straightforward scientists have no need
for barred doors and drawn blinds.
He cares nothing for you, Flora.
He'll never care about anything
but test tubes and chemicals.
How can he go away like this
without a word?
Flora, dear. Please, darling,
let me tell you how I feel.
- I can't work or sleep until I know.
- Leave me alone! How can you?
There's a way back, you fool.
There must be a way back.
- What is it?
- Your luncheon.
- Take it away.
- You don't want it cold, do you?
Do you suppose that I'm going to carry
trays backwards and forwards all day?
Luncheon's at one, and it's one now!
Get out!
He's not gonna stay under this roof,
not another hour!
Crashed the tray out of me hand,
and swore at me.
Turns my best sitting room
into a chemist's shop.
Spillages on the carpets!
And him a week behind with his money!
Go and tell him if he ain't
packed up and gone in half an hour,
we'll have the law in to turn him out.
And take him his bill.
Three pounds ten.
And see you get it before you come out.
Go on.
Let's leave him a bit, Jenny,
till he cools off.
Go on, do it now. Him and his goggles
and his chemist's shop!
If you don't kick him out, I'm clearing out
myself, and I mean it this time!
And a whole day's work ruined
by a foolish, ignorant woman!
There must be a way back.
- God knows there's a way back.
- (knocking)
If only they'd leave me alone.
Look 'ere, mister,
we can't have this no more.
You broke the wife's best china, you're
behind with the rent. Pack up and go.
I'm expecting some money, Mr Hall.
I'll pay you directly it comes.
You said that last week.
I came here for quiet and secrecy.
I'm carrying out a difficult experiment.
I must be left alone. It's vital. It's life
and death that I should be left alone.
- You don't understand.
- I understand all right.
You don't pay. And what's more,
you're driving folks away from our house.
Mr Hall, I've had a serious accident.
It's disfigured me, affected my eyes.
I mean the way you carry on, throwing
things about on the carpets and swearing.
- It's no good, mister, you've got to go.
- I implore you to let me stay. I beg of you.
The wife says if you don't go, she is,
so it's gotta be you.
Come on. I'll help you
to get this stuff packed up.
Leave that alone and get out of here!
Look here! Is this my house or yours?
What are you doing?
Help! Help! Police!
(screaming and sobbing)
He's a raving lunatic!
Go and get a policeman.
Please don't cry, now.
- He's all right.
- (screams hysterically)
Oh, shut up!
- Come on, Jaffers!
- Here, what's all this?
It's the stranger with the goggles.
He's gone mad. He's assaulted Mrs Hall
and nearly killed her husband.
- Where is he?
- He's upstairs in the sitting room.
He's in there, in the sitting room.
He's homicidal.
Let that there.
Here, keep back, you kids there.
- Here, what's all this?
- Keep back there.
Keep back, me?
Do you know who you're talking to?
I give you a last chance
to leave me alone.
Give me a last chance? You've committed
assault, that's what you've done,
and you can come along
to the station with me.
Come along, now. Come quietly, unless
you want me to put the handcuffs on.
Stop where you are.
You don't know what you're doing.
I know what I'm doing all right. Come on.
- Get hold of him.
- Lock him up!
All right, you fools.
You've brought it on yourselves.
Everything would have come right
if you'd only left me alone.
Человек-невидимка Человек-невидимка

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