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at half past nine,
Dr Kemp, with a bodyguard of police,
will leave this house
and walk down to the police station.
It's a natural thing
for Dr Kemp to seek protection.
The invisible man is certain to be near.
He's certain to see what's happening.
You mean you're going to
use me as a bait? I can't!
- You must. You'll be perfectly safe.
- Safe? He's not human.
- He can go through prison walls.
- Don't be a fool.
I can't sit in that station waiting.
He'll kill you, kill you all,
and then take the keys and come to me.
Very well. If you're afraid
of waiting in the police station,
you can leave it directly you're inside.
There's a secret way out
through the inspector's house.
We'll disguise you as a policeman
and you can walk out and drive away.
Even if he sees you,
he won't recognise you.
He'll probably be waiting
to break in at ten o'clock.
- What happens to me then?
- I'll have you driven quietly back here.
Then get into your car and drive away
into the country, miles away,
and stay there until we've got him.
Now, you needn't be afraid.
We'll get him all right this time.
I'll lay traps that even
an invisible man can't pass.
You see? It covers a fairly wide range.
Now, l've got 20 of these guns
and a good man to each.
One splash of this on his skin
and we've got something to follow at last.
- Why not paint the top of the wall?
- Because he'd smell it.
I've got a better plan. I'm going to put a
thin layer of loose earth on top of the wall.
The slightest touch will disturb it,
and we've got him trapped.
Oh, l see. Pretty good.
Quick march!
(Griffin) They think they're very clever.
All right, take him straight inside.
20 minutes to ten.
Keep your eyes open now, boys.
Here, quick, sir.
I heard footsteps outside,
soft footsteps, like naked feet.
Come on.
- Where are you going to?
- The mountains, 100 miles away.
Drive away quickly.
It's ten minutes to ten.
He's bound to do something in a minute.
- Will he try and get into the station?
- Every door and window is barred.
No, he'll try the wall right enough.
There he goes!
- Go to your stations now. Watch the wall.
- He's over the wall!
I felt breathing down my neck.
He's in here.
Ten o'clock!
Ten o'clock he wanted to murder me.
(Griffin) l think this'll do nicely, Kemp.
We'll stop here.
It's ten o'clock.
I came with you to keep my promise.
No! It's all a mistake, Griffin.
I swear l never told the police. I want
to help you. Let me be your partner.
I've had a cold and uncomfortable journey
just to keep my promise at ten o'clock.
I went into the police station with you.
I stood by
while you changed into that coat.
I rode on the running board
of the car that took you home again.
There. You sit there.
I've got you where l want you.
I hope your car's insured. I'm afraid
there's going to be a nasty accident.
A very nasty accident.
- I'll do anything. Everything you ask me.
- You will? That's fine.
Sit where you are. I'll get out and take the
handbrake off and give you a little shove.
You'll run down and through the railings.
Then you'll have a big thrill for 100 yards
till you hit a boulder.
Then you'll do a somersault
and break your arms,
then a grand finish-up
with a broken neck.
Well, goodbye, Kemp. I always said
you were a dirty little coward.
You're a dirty, sneaking
little rat as well. Goodbye.
(Griffin laughs insanely)
1,000 replies have come to my appeal
for ways of catching the invisible man.
Some are clever, some stupid,
but all are impossible.
He's got to sleep.
They might catch him asleep.
- He's got to eat and drink.
- A caf was robbed last night in Manton.
There's no proof he did it.
There are robberies every night
by ordinary burglars.
(Griffin sighs)
This feels good.
(snoring continues)
Look there. We wanted help - there it is.
It's now or never. The snow
won't lie long at
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