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- How could l forget?
(Kemp) Shall l let them in?
Yes, of course you must let them in.
I shall go and prepare myself in my room.
I shall see Flora. Alone.
- He knows you're here.
- He was asleep.
He saw you from the window.
He wants to see Flora alone.
- No, Flora, don't.
- He's calm now, and quiet.
- Jack won't do me any harm.
- He's insane.
It's for us to cure him - Kemp and l.
Keep away, Flora.
I must go to him.
Doctor, he was a different man
when he saw Flora leave the car.
He won't hurt her. We must play for time.
- Why for time?
- We... we must prepare things.
If we try and bind him now, he'll escape.
We must take him when he's asleep
and chloroform him. Wait here.
- Flora, my darling.
- Thank God you're home, Jack.
I would have come to you at once,
Flora, but for this.
How wonderful it is to see you.
How beautiful you look.
That funny little hat. I always liked it.
- You've been crying.
- I want to help you. Why did you do this?
- For you, Flora.
- For me?
Yes, for you, my darling.
I wanted to do something tremendous,
to achieve what men of science
have dreamt of since the world began,
to gain wealth and fame and honour,
to write my name above
the greatest scientists of all time.
I was so pitifully poor.
I had nothing to offer you, Flora.
I was just a poor, struggling chemist.
I shall come back to you,
Flora, very soon now.
The secret of invisibility
lies there in my books.
I shall work in Kemp's laboratory
till l find the way back.
There is a way back, Flora.
And then l shall come to you.
I shall offer my secret to the world,
with all its terrible power!
The nations of the world will bid for it -
thousands, millions.
The nation that wins my secret can
sweep the world with invisible armies!
Jack, l want you to let my father help you.
You know how clever he is.
He'll work with you until you find that
second secret that'll bring you back to us.
Then we'll have lovely,
peaceful days again
out under the trees,
after your work in the evening.
Your father? Clever? (laughs)
You think he can help me?
He's got the brain of a tapeworm,
a maggot, beside mine.
Don't you see what it means? Power.
Power to rule, to make
the world grovel at my feet.
Jack, listen to me. Listen!
My father found a note in your room.
He knows something about monocane
you don't.
It alters you, changes you,
makes you feel differently.
Father believes its power will go
if you know what it is.
Come and stay with us.
Let's fight this thing out together.
Power, l said.
Power to walk into the gold vaults
of the nations,
into the secrets of kings,
into the holy of holies.
Power to make multitudes
run squealing in terror
at the touch of my little invisible finger.
Even the moon's frightened of me,
frightened to death.
The whole world's frightened to death.
(dog barking)
So, l see. Kemp couldn't sleep.
He had to go downstairs.
He was frightened.
I put my trust in Kemp.
I told him my secret
and he gave me his word of honour.
- You must go now, Flora.
- I want to help you.
There is nothing for you to do
except to go.
I shall come back. I swear l shall
come back, because l shall defeat them.
- Go now, my dear.
- No. I want to stay. You must hide.
Don't worry.
The whole world's my hiding place.
I can stand out there amongst them
in the day or night and laugh at them.
Come along, my darling.
Oh, Father!
Link hands, all around the house.
- Link hands.
- Link hands.
- Link hands.
- Link hands.
Keep close together,
or he'll slip under your arm.
Now, boys, forward.
Thank you, Kemp,
for opening the window.
You're a true friend, Kemp. A man to trust.
I've no time now but, believe me,
as surely as the moon will set
and the sun will rise,
l shall kill you tomorrow night.
I shall kill you even if you hide
in the deepest cave of the earth.
At ten o'clock tomorrow night
l shall kill you.
Help! Help!
Человек-невидимка Человек-невидимка

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