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for a month.
An invisible man can rule the world.
Nobody will see him come,
nobody will see him go.
He can hear every secret.
He can rob and kill!
Not if he can't get no further
than this room, he won't.
Here, shut that door.
- You'd better come along quietly.
- (cackles)
(Jaffers) Look out! Mind that window!
You think l'd escape
like a common criminal?
You need a lesson.
I think l'll throttle you.
Let go of me!
Let go!
You must be made to understand
what l can do.
Hey, look out!
Hey, whoa!
Hey, hey!
Look out! Get indoors!
Everybody get indoors!
(shouting and screaming)
I'm afraid l need this bicycle. Ha-ha!
He stole me bike!
Here's your blooming bicycle.
You can do what you like with it.
How's that for a hairbrush, George Henry?
Good morning, Grandfather.
How do you do?
We'll do our part.
Mama, give me the diamonds!
On the gospel, it's the truth.
He tried to strangle me, sir.
Where are you speaking from, Jaffers?
Lion's Head inn, eh?
Did you say an invisible man?
Well, look here, you put
more water in it next time!
He won't believe me. You tell him.
Mr Hall speaking.
The constable's telling the truth all right.
Not the slightest clue.
I didn't expect there would be.
That's where the clues are.
He wasn't leaving anything to chance.
Griffin was never the man for secrets.
He came to me with everything.
He kept a lot of stuff locked in here.
I came in one evening
when he wasn't expecting me.
He was by this cupboard.
It was full of instruments.
When he saw me, he slammed the door
and turned the key.
You say he brought
a packing case up here?
The night before he disappeared. I heard
him hammering, packing everything up.
- Here's something, Kemp.
- What is it?
- Bad news?
- It's only a rough note.
A list of chemicals,
and the last on the list is monocane.
Monocane? What is monocane?
- Monocane's a terrible drug.
- I never heard of it.
You wouldn't, Kemp. It's never used now.
I didn't know it was even made.
It's a drug that's made from
a flower that's grown in lndia.
It draws colour
from everything it touches.
Years ago they tried it for bleaching cloth.
They gave it up because
it destroyed the material.
- That doesn't sound very terrible.
- I know, but it does something else.
It was tried out on some poor animal -
a dog, l believe.
It was injected under the skin,
and it turned the dog dead white,
like a marble statue.
- Is that so?
- Yes, and it also sent it raving mad.
You surely don't think...?
I only pray to God that Griffin hasn't
been meddling with this ghastly stuff.
- He'd never touch a thing with madness.
- He might not know.
I found that experiment
in an old German book just by chance.
The English books only describe
the bleaching power.
- What are we going to do?
- Tell the police that Griffin's disappeared.
But only that he's disappeared.
I put you on your honour, Kemp,
not to breathe a word of this to anyone.
- Shall l go with you?
- It's all right, Kemp.
I'll go tonight,
when lnspector Lane's on duty.
I'll run along back home, then.
- Good night.
- Good night, Kemp.
(piano music on radio)
(radio) This is the national station
broadcasting this evening's news.
Remarkable story from country village.
Police and doctors
are investigating a story
told this afternoon by
the people of the village of lping.
A mysterious disease has broken out
infecting many of the inhabitants.
It takes the form of a delusion that
an invisible man is living among them.
Several people have been
seriously injured,
probably through fighting, in their belief
that their opponent is an invisible man.
The whole village is
in a state of panic and everyone...
Everyone deserves the fate
that's coming to them.
Panic, death, things worse than death.
Don't be afraid, Kemp.
It's me - Griffin. Jack Griffin.
How are you, my
Человек-невидимка Человек-невидимка

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