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You're a dirty, sneaking
little rat as well. Goodbye.
(Griffin laughs insanely)
1,000 replies have come to my appeal
for ways of catching the invisible man.
Some are clever, some stupid,
but all are impossible.
He's got to sleep.
They might catch him asleep.
- He's got to eat and drink.
- A cafй was robbed last night in Manton.
There's no proof he did it.
There are robberies every night
by ordinary burglars.
(Griffin sighs)
This feels good.
(snoring continues)
Look there. We wanted help - there it is.
It's now or never. The snow
won't lie long at this time of year.
It may be gone in a few hours.
Norton, find out if the snow
is yet all over the country.
Send out a broadcast message.
He can't stay out in this bitter cold.
He'll seek shelter.
Excuse me, sir.
There's breathing in my barn.
What do you mean,
breathing in your barn?
The invisible man, sir.
Sure as I stand here.
The farmer may have imagined it,
but we can't leave it to chance.
Surround the barn.
No use trying to take him on the inside.
Force him out into the snow. Take
some wood and gasoline and set fire to it.
That's it, sir. He's in there
under a pile of straw, sir.
Are there any windows
he can watch from?
No, sir. Only the door, sir.
There's a reward of Ј1,000
waiting for you if we're successful.
We're lucky to have the open country.
Take your men and cover the country
from the road to the hill.
Line the ridge through those trees.
There's no time to lose. We can't wait
till he comes out to search for food.
We must fire the barn at once
and drive him out into the snow.
Keep in single file. We don't want
a lot of your footprints around the barn.
We want to keep the snow
for his feet alone.
Get that searchlight
on the door of that barn.
He's out! Look!
Shall I give the signal to advance?
I don't think your guard
is needed any longer.
- How is he?
- He's very near the end.
- Are you Dr Cranley?
- Yes. I got word to come immediately.
Towards dawn this morning
he grew quiet.
He called the name of a girl -
I understand, your daughter.
She's waiting below. Is there any chance?
The bullet passed through both lungs.
It's impossible to treat the wound.
Do you think your daughter
could bear to go to him?
I'm afraid the end may be rather terrible.
The effect of the drugs will die with him.
His body will become visible as life goes.
I'll bring her now.
- Is Flora there?
- She's coming now.
I knew you would come to me, Flora.
I wanted to come back to you.
My darling.
I failed.
I meddled in things...
that man must leave alone.
Father, come quickly.Hold it!
Ten. 20.
Did you hear about
Mrs Mason's little Willy?
Sent him to school and found him
buried ten foot deep in a snowdrift.
- How did they get him out?
- Brought the fire engine round.
Put the hose pipe in, pumped it
backwards and sucked him out.
(piano starts)
- Perfect bull's-eye.
- (door opening)
(piano stops abruptly)
I want a room and a fire.
- Jenny?
- Hello?
There's a gent here
what wants a room and a fire.
What, a room?
I said a room.
We ain't got none ready,
not at this time of year.
We don't usually have folks stopping,
except in the summer.
You can get one ready.
Certainly, sir. Millie!
- I want a private sitting room, too.
- Certainly, sir.
Will you come through, sir? This way, sir.
It's the coldest winter
we've had down here for years.
They put all the sheep and the cows in
for a fortnight now.
Poor things. They can't get
a blade of green grass.
You may be near-sighted,
but you can't be deaf-and-dumb as well.
Could l take your coat and hat, sir,
and give 'em a nice dry in the kitchen?
- I prefer to keep them on.
- Very good, sir.
The room will be warm soon.
I've got some luggage at the station.
How can l have it sent?
I'll get it dropped over tomorrow.
Человек-невидимка Человек-невидимка

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