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the crown
of all that created by Him.
Give Your spiritual blessing
to those being married.
Allow Your name to be blessed
and let the Kingdom of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost
be renowned now and forever and ever.
They'll be leading them now.
Did they do an autopsy on
the doctoress?
They say her husband dumped her.
And Sabinin, the groom,
he dumped Tatiana Repina, too.
Is it true?
Ah, she was a great actress!
Yes, I remember the autopsy.
In the name of the Father. Amen.
In the name of the Son. Amen.
In the name of the Holy Ghost.
Let me in!
What's wrong?
What is it? What is it?
Fan him! Fan him!
Let me do it. Petya, what's wrong?
Everything is all right!
Petya! Somebody, help!
Petya! Fan him! Help!
Calm down.
It portends death.
Death. Or rain.
Strong as an ox. He'll be fine.
You should... Take the candle!
You should drink it all.
- The towel.
- Here.
The towel.
Join your hands.
The cross.
- Not too tight?
- No.
Isaiah, rejoice!
Holy martyrs!
Apostles! The Gospels!
How long it all's taking!
So long, long, long.
Yes, high time they let
their souls repent.
I can't breathe. I'm going.
No, you can't, you won't get through.
Wait, it'll soon be over.
Let the groom be great like Abraham
and blessed like Isaac
and as fruitful as Jacob,
living in peace and acting in
the truth of the Lord's Commandments,
and let the bride
be as great as Sarah
and as joyful as Rebecca
and as fruitful as Rachel,
carrying her husband
and keeping the law,
for the Lord wished it so.
Give me your candles.
Glory to You, Christ the Lord,
Our Saviour.
Glory to You!
Christ, Our True Lord, who showed
the honesty of His marriage
by coming to Cane of Galilee
and praying to His Mother,
the Apostle
of all the Holies,
the Holy God of kings crowned by God,
the apostles of
Constantine and Helen,
the Holy Martyr Prokopius
and all other saints,
forgive and save us, for You are
kind and a lover of Man.
Give, Our Lord,
prosperity and peace,
health and freedom
and sustenance in all,
in marrying
Pyotr and Vera.
Save them for a long life.
Wife, kiss your husband.
Congratulations! Congratulations!
Thank you.
Congratulations! Congratulations!
From the heart.
Congratulations! Congratulations!
Let me congratulate you!
Goodbye, lovely creature!
Congratulations on your matrimony,
as they say.
That drag is over.
Goodbye, baby!
- Congratulations! Forgive me.
- It's all right.
My darling, congratulations!
- Forgive me, Vera.
- Be happy!
I am happy!
I'm happy anyway!
Because I love him!
Oh, I love it when
someone loves somebody.
Vera, my dear,
nobody loves anybody!
Except me!
Forgive me.
Now we'll go to the cemetery.
Right now, you and I
will go to the cemetery.
Right now we'll go to
the cemetery, you and I.
You've gone mad again.
What are we going to do there?
Please, let's go!
You have to go home
with your bride, madman!
I don't give a damn about all that!
A thousand curses!
I'm going for a funeral service.
Yes, I've gone mad.
I nearly died.
Oh, Kotelnikov! I saw her,
saw, saw, saw her!
She's at the cemetery.
I need a rest,
a change of scenery.
Are you going to rest at the cemetery?
I'm saying she's dead.
Dead! I was at the funeral.
I was gone.
That's why all those doubts.
I was on tour.
She's no more?
Where is she?
I was on tour.
Where's she?
I feel nervous without her.
There's some anxiety,
terrible and yet incomprehensibly
and precious for me.
Kiss your wife.
Are we going?
Come on!
Died-shmied - doesn't matter,
as long as you're healthy.
Oh, how wondrous is the blossom of
Quietly flows the day's radiance.
The world is once more discovered.
Far, faraway we'll be taken by spring
When suddenly, amid silence,
From the window it would sing.
So many people!
Shouting, making noise, groaning.
Yes, an expensive wedding.
They live well.
But for nothing.
- What?
Чеховские мотивы Чеховские мотивы

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