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Thank you.
The Lord's servant Vera is betrothed
to the Lord's servant Pyotr,
in the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Oh Our Lord,
I betroth them in glory and honor!
Oh Our Lord,
I betroth them in glory and honor!
Oh Our Lord,
I betroth them in glory and honor!
I could do with a smoke.
Vera looks so sweet today.
I love just looking at her.
And she's not scared.
She's used to it -
second time round.
Yes, yes, that's true.
I still wish her all the best though.
She has a good heart.
I don't think you can get through
And he's simply shining.
The bridegroom. He's just shining.
Yes, he seems genuine,
but a bit nervous.
That's natural in his position.
You're crushing my head
with the crown.
How can I? I'm holding it
three centimeters from your head.
- You're crushing it.
- I am not.
- You are.
- Am not.
How do I look?
You got a mirror?
Got a mirror... Have you got a mirror?
- What?
- Just what I thought.
You have a plain,
uninteresting face.
Although it's a little pale,
but that's normal
for a blond with blue eyes.
There're a lot of people
no better than me.
And you're one of them.
Yes yes yes yes yes...
Hold the crown higher, you're
crushing me.
I said you're crushing me.
And I said I am not.
- You are.
- Am not.
Are you arguing?
- He's crushing me.
- Quiet!
The governor's here.
- Where?
- On the right, near the choir.
Next to Altukhov.
As if he's here unofficially.
Ah, yes, I see.
He's chatting with Mashenka Ganzen.
She's his passion.
One shouldn't use
crude language in church.
- Now they'll put the crowns on.
- They did it already.
Watch, David. It must be
interesting for you as a foreigner.
Don't be too familiar! It's not
David, it's David Israelevich.
He's an all-powerful person.
Come on, what can he do?
Oh, David Yefraimovich
can buy, sell, pawn...
Re-buy, resell, re-pawn,
bribe, sell off,
ruin, bankrupt.
Bankrupt, destroy,
sell off and again...
Let us hear the wisdom
of the Holy Gospels.
Peace onto all.
Read from
the Apostle St. John.
Glory to You, Our Lord!
Glory to You!
On the third...
On the third day...
On the third day
there was a wedding in Cana
of Galilee,
and the mother of Jesus was there.
Now both Jesus and His disciples
were invited to the wedding.
And when they ran out of wine,
the mother of Jesus said to Him:
"They have no wine..."
I don't understand!
I don't understand!
Well, we couldn't see that coming.
I told you to get married in town.
You can't say it was my fault.
- Will it be over soon?
- I don't know.
I'm not versed in these matters.
I guess it'll be over soon.
- It'll be over soon.
- They'll have to lead you around.
Qu'est-ce que c'est? Someone crushed?
You feeling bad?
- Who groaned?
- Don't know.
- Are you all right?
- I'm okay.
Look, there she goes again!
Something's moving there,
some covered-up woman moving about.
The other one was covered up, too.
- Who?
- Tatiana.
- Which one?
- Repina.
Hold the crown higher.
Good afternoon.
Say something to her.
That we're being wed.
- At least say hello.
- Who to?
I live indulging in all sorts of
due to problems with my sight,
stomach and brain.
I live indulging in all sorts of
due to problems with my sight,
stomach and brain.
We're being wed here,
so you keep quiet.
- And you too.
- Me?
Stop groaning.
We're being wed here.
- So you keep quiet.
- Yes, yes.
And you keep quiet.
No one's groaning. You're
imagining it.
- You imagined it.
- Your imagination.
Imagined it?
You mean nobody groaned?
No, nobody groaned.
Maybe a little bit.
It's just some people can't behave,
that's all.
What's going on?
For heaven's sake!
They could at least open a door.
We're dying of heat.
The public is totally misbehaving.
We'll have to go for a smoke.
Quiet! Quiet!
Not a word.
I'll be silent too,
be silent, will be
Чеховские мотивы Чеховские мотивы

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