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Or in a hotel...
That's what they say at the medical
Quiet! Quiet!
Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
It's not a bee, it's a mosquito.
Is killing a mosquito in a church
a big sin?
Do you have mosquitoes in churches?
What's the incense for then?
Mixing apples and oranges.
Thanks to that Repina,
it's the fourth poisoning.
Can you explain, my good man,
those poisonings?
- Nothing other than psychosis.
- Copy-cats, you think?
"Those that talk in church
are sent calamities,"
said the Reverend
Amvrosy Optinsky.
- Suicide's catching.
- Yes.
Silence! Stop walking!
That Repina spoilt the air with her
suicide, created a certain atmosphere.
All women are hooked now
on having been offended.
Even in church the air's been spoilt.
Can you feel the tension?
"Those that talk in church
are sent calamities,"
said the Reverend
Amvrosy Optinsky.
And those transsexuals...
So many psychos!
All men are like that,
because they can't love,
they love neither women, nor children.
Don't shout, please.
Stop shouting and groaning.
For the Lord is merciful
and loves Man,
and we pray to the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost,
now and forever and ever.
- Kotelnikov!
- What?
Nothing. Heavens!
Tatiana is here.
Going through multiplication
tables calms me.
Everyday goings calm me.
You've gone mad.
You've gone mad.
Mad! Sick!
You've gone mad.
You've gone mad.
The covered woman is her.
I recognized her. I saw her.
Not a bit like her.
Just covered up, too.
Stop whispering, it's improper.
Everyone's looking at you.
For God's sake, I can barely
stand. It's her.
- It's not her.
- It's her.
- No, it's not.
- It is.
Not her. And let's settle it -
I'm not crushing you.
- You are.
- All right, I am, but it's not her.
Who's that?
Please, do not talk. You're impeding
our completion of the mystery.
Stand quietly and pray to God.
One must have a fear of God.
Tell the guards
not to let anyone in.
Let who in? Everyone's here already.
The church is packed. Shut up.
Tatiana's here. I saw and understood
at once. I finally understood.
You're raving. She's at the cemetery.
I should diet
and walk more.
This whole optical-gastro-cerebral
thing tricks the eye.
That's all I need!
Pyotr, what's wrong? Are you feeling
I feel fine.
The covered woman is her.
We're guilty, she's groaning.
I'm telling myself that I imagined it.
Do you see her?
Now she's with us,
behind you.
Don't look around. Kotelnikov
is crushing me with the crown.
You mustn't look around.
Don't look around.
I might start crying. Don't scare me.
If I hold back the tears,
I might sneeze.
Is it all right?
- Bless you.
- Bless you.
Bless you, Vera.
Vera looks as pale as death.
She seems to have tears in her eyes.
And him... Take a look.
I told her about his affair
with Tatiana.
May she rest in peace.
But there could be excesses. People
like to blow these things up.
They just love to torment each other.
Should've gone to some backwoods
This is a backwoods village.
Yes, you're right.
So, it doesn't matter that a poor
woman poisons herself? No one cares?
We have to ask
Father Ivan to hurry.
She looks bad.
She could collapse any minute.
Go and hurry him.
What are you waiting for?
I've almost gone already.
Be patient, Vera. Like me.
Soon the service will be over
and we'll go.
It's her... Her.
More and more I believe
in the theory of optical illusions
arising as the result of illness
in the eyes, brain and stomach.
I've got strained tendons too.
What do you think?
We pray that the Christian outcome
of our lives
be painless, not shameful and
and that we get a benevolent answer
in the day of Christjudgement.
We, who asked for a unity of faith
and the Eucharist of the Holy Ghost,
will give to the Lord ourselves,
each other
and our lives.
Our Lord,
punish us not
for calling You
Our Heavenly Father.
Excuse me, excuse me.
May I go through?
I told
Чеховские мотивы Чеховские мотивы

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