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feeling bad?
- Who groaned?
- Don't know.
- Are you all right?
- I'm okay.
Look, there she goes again!
Something's moving there,
some covered-up woman moving about.
The other one was covered up, too.
- Who?
- Tatiana.
- Which one?
- Repina.
Hold the crown higher.
Good afternoon.
Say something to her.
That we're being wed.
- At least say hello.
- Who to?
I live indulging in all sorts of
due to problems with my sight,
stomach and brain.
I live indulging in all sorts of
due to problems with my sight,
stomach and brain.
We're being wed here,
so you keep quiet.
- And you too.
- Me?
Stop groaning.
We're being wed here.
- So you keep quiet.
- Yes, yes.
And you keep quiet.
No one's groaning. You're
imagining it.
- You imagined it.
- Your imagination.
Imagined it?
You mean nobody groaned?
No, nobody groaned.
Maybe a little bit.
It's just some people can't behave,
that's all.
What's going on?
For heaven's sake!
They could at least open a door.
We're dying of heat.
The public is totally misbehaving.
We'll have to go for a smoke.
Quiet! Quiet!
Not a word.
I'll be silent too,
be silent, will be silent,
dumb as a fish.
I'm dumb as a fish.
It's all unnatural.
The deceased has appeared.
A challenge
to the laws of nature.
Good Lord!
What? What? What?
They're taking her, and she resists.
They took her behind the column.
Whom? What column?
The one who's crying.
You can't get away from those women.
They should sit at home
and cry there.
Last night one got poisoned again.
- Female doctor.
- Doctor of Sciences.
- Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
- Quiet! Quiet!
- Quiet, quiet...
- Quiet, quiet...
Withdrew into herself
and dozed off there.
What's going on?!
A smoke, a smoke, a smoke.
Last night some woman
poisoned herself again.
Last night some woman
poisoned herself again.
Yes, some woman.
Not a wife of a doctor,
she herself is a doctor.
What do you mean, "you heard"?
You heard it on television?
At the market?
They're rumors, gossip, myths.
First some girls, allegedly,
jumped out of a window,
then some doctoress seemed to poison
herself, now a Tatiana Repina.
That's the same person -
Tatiana Repina, the actress.
It's not important, the same person
or two persons. That's feminisms.
All those menopauses,
burning yourself, bombs.
They don't want to get treatment,
they think they're normal.
Like me!
The Health Ministry says smoking
is particularly dangerous
on church territory.
Oh! Lomonosov! Go in and pray.
Wasn't Lomonosov called Pyotr?
- It's all because of Tatiana.
- What Tatiana?
- The one he was... His partner.
- That was poisoned.
- Totally?
- Totally poisoned.
Totally poisoned. She died.
- His mistress.
- Everybody knew that.
- She poisoned herself.
- And died.
Just had an autopsy.
- And?
- Buried.
- And him?
- Gets married right away.
To prove he's not involved.
On the one hand, not involved.
On the other, he needs money.
- Nonsense.
- An invention.
Who's he got to prove anything to?
Is there any legal evidence?
- She's a consenting adult.
- Was a consenting adult.
If you need money, you get married
quietly at a registry, not in a church.
He wants to attract attention,
he's an artiste.
Otherwise, people would forget him
One gets poisoned, he marries another,
- very interesting for the public.
After that you can sing a whole year,
even without a voice.
- And pack the house.
- And everyone's happy.
On the one hand, to prove
he's not involved in the poisoning,
on the other, to pack the house,
and thirdly, for money.
No, it doesn't gel. They're just
It gels perfectly - on the one
hand, on the other and on the third.
It's an interesting mix-up.
On the one hand, a cover up,
on the other, advertising.
The bride's pretty.
Good thing too - pretty,
got big buns, and the money,
and she loves him.
And she's alive.
And some doctoress...
Чеховские мотивы Чеховские мотивы

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