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Varya, gather up the dishes and
wash them.
I don't want to.
Before, you'd say,
"I'll wash them later. "
Or, "I'll finish reading,
then wash up. "
Or you'd say,
"Mom, I'm tired and sleepy.
A bit later, in ten minutes. "
What? "Dad, send me some money"?
Am I right, Pyotr?
Our days go by and melt into dark.
And nothing will make them return.
But, nearing me,
again will they spark,
That day and that night and that fern.
Sounds emerge that were hidden deep,
A light thread of music extending.
Revived are the days once-forgotten.
Far, faraway we'll be taken by spring,
When suddenly, amid silence,
From the window it would sing.
And we are again
in a magic land,
And our horizons as bright as ever.
And back to me
my childhood is sent,
Forever, forever, forever.
Oh, how wondrous is the blossom
of spring!
Quietly flows the day's radiance.
The world is once more discovered.
Far, faraway we'll be taken by spring,
When suddenly, amid silence,
From the window it would sing.
You should sell this bike for scrap.
Yes, it's junk!
Lmagine if you went
to town on foot.
With a staff in your hand.
Here, lighten up.
Can't you see I'm busy?
Lmagine going
to town on foot,
a staff in your hand,
a sack over your shoulder.
You're in torn boots.
Not even a hat on your head.
In short, not even a hat.
You're walking and walking...
Fields and woods... Fields and woods...
Snow falling...
Everything white... pure white...
Freezing cold.
And finally you drop down dead. You!
And there's a report in the papers:
At some place and at some time,
a student died of hunger.
Imagine how Father
would suffer.
Or you're still alive,
shuffling along.
And he's running after you. Father.
He's begging you to come back
and take the money.
You pay him no attention,
don't even turn to look.
So off you go...
Fields and woods... Fields and woods...
In the forest there's a hut.
You stand under the window.
There's a light in it.
You ask to stay the night.
They let you in and you see...
In short, they're Mafia bandits.
Or rather... You go into
a big house, a villa, you know.
They give you drink and food,
play the piano for you.
Their daughter, a beautiful
millionairess, falls for you.
She's a bit eccentric.
Yes, eccentric.
And she says: "I love you
and want to marry you. "
And then I appear and say:
"Miss, he's my brother,
he's really not much to look at!"
Why do we need another barn?!
A year doesn't pass without him
putting up some barn or outhouse.
Not because he has to,
but so he can
run around piles ofjunk
all day
complaining about the expenses.
It would be good if, to spite
Father, you poison yourself,
or drown, or shoot yourself,
or something.
And leave a little note behind.
I'm sorry. Will you take me
to town, please?
A tractor goes in the field,
Peace and justice we will build.
Listen, take me to town,
orjust to the station.
To the town - no. To the station - no.
To the church - yes,
if you show me the way.
I'll show you!
The steering wheel's not in your way?
No, thank you.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Those rich people are so weird, eh?
Getting married
in some backwater church, eh?
It's a bit, er...
- Exotic.
- Exotic, yes! And a bit, er...
- Erotic.
- No, it's a bit, er...
- Romantic.
- Oh, romantic!
Peace and justice we will build.
Are you rich?
I missed that church,
now I'm circling, wandering round.
You show me the way
and then, after the wedding,
I'll take you to the station,
or maybe to town.
Remind me though,
or I'll forget.
I'm extremely,
extremely grateful.
I like you.
I like you very much.
You, er... remind me of, er...
remind me of Lomonosov -
all in rags and heading to town.
Yes, yes, I'm
an impoverished student.
The church is that way, there!
There! There's the church!
I see.
Oh, what a wedding, wedding, wedding,
all that dance and singing!
What food they served!
What wine they gave us!
I drank and drank and...
Чеховские мотивы Чеховские мотивы

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