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It's not a barn, it's a shop.
- It's a barn!
- It's a shop!
It's a barn, not shop!
It's a shop, not barn!
- It's a barn!
- It's a shop!
It's a barn, not shop!
That's it, I've calmed down.
Let it be a barn.
Let it be a shop.
I agree to anything.
- It's a barn!
- It's a shop!
My lovely!
You're my fluffy!
My purry-wurry!
Don't be scared,
we're not shouting at you.
We're shouting at each other.
My little one,
my fluffy one.
Where're your children?
They were drowned, weren't they?
But you'll have more children.
I won't drown them, I won't.
I won't.
Forgive me.
I ask you to stop,
because I...
I ask you to stop.
Listen to me!
The price for feed
is about to go up.
Listen to me!
The price for feed
is about to go up.
And the silo ditch isn't ready.
Only three workers left,
they're carpenters.
And carpenters
won't dig ditches.
Carpenters don't dig ditches.
All my team's gone to the mill,
you know that.
And the neighbor would've taken
those three,
if I didn't spread a rumor
that they're ex-cons.
Even I believed it.
I thought, "Why are such pros
working for such poor pay?"
They were lucky with the weather,
I pay for a day
and they work two hours,
and I pay for a full working day.
Yes, yes, but I wanted
a serious talk.
Aren't I talking seriously?
But I wanted a serious talk
with you.
- Keep quiet!
- But I... listen to me!
Keep quiet when I'm talking!
I can say what I want and you be
quiet! You be quiet when I talk!
I say what I want.
Understand, sponger?
I earned money at your age.
You scoundrel, you know
how much you cost me?
Silence! I'll throw you out!
Throw you out!
You said study is sacred.
Keep quiet, too!
You eat, you drink,
and you want money on top!
Sew yourselves new
boots and uniforms!
- Buy tuxedos and sneakers!
- And velvet bath robes!
And all kind of lace underwear
which is so necessary for living.
And when you sew and buy all that
and when the money's finished,
when you're out of money,
when you don't have
a kopeck anymore,
then sell everything,
sell the cattle and eat it up,
and sell the house and eat it up,
and sell the land and eat it up.
And then go begging,
in the rain, under an umbrella,
or on the tram, or on the bus,
and tell the passengers you need
the money for an operation!
It's a magnetic storm.
Don't you see that I'm not used
to these scenes anymore?
I could stand those scenes
before, but now I can't!
Or that you're from a madhouse!
Silence! You're to blame for all this!
Magnetic storms play
on people's nerves.
You brought him up like this,
You brought them all up like this!
You brought him up like this!
He doesn't respect us. Doesn't
respect me. Doesn't respect you.
He doesn't earn money.
He doesn't pray,
he doesn't go to church!
He believes, he goes to church.
There're ten of you and one of me!
I'll drive you all out!
And where'll we go?
Get packed and be ready to go!
Your accusations
are revolting to me.
I want nothing from you!
I'd sooner die of starvation
than eat
one more of your potatoes!
- You hear? I want nothing!
- Wait... wait...
- I'd sooner die!
- Ballet... Beautiful... I love...
To love... To watch... Beautiful...
Here, take it, take back
your filthy money!
Ballet... Beautiful...
To watch... Ballet...
To watch... Beautiful...
When will you stop these performances?
Our family meals
are just an anachronism.
I tell you,
our family meals
are just an anachronism.
Petya, don't swear, please.
Varya, an A student!
is an empty form,
which has lost its content.
- You're so clever, Petya.
- But malicious, Petya, malicious.
It's easy for us to talk, but Father
works hard to get that money.
You should better buy Varya
a foreign dictionary, Mother.
- Oh yes, where is it?
- The dictionary? The blue thick one?
Under my commode,
holding the thing up.
If I pull it out, everything will
We should buy a new commode.
Чеховские мотивы Чеховские мотивы

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