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This wedding.
Every day we marry, we christen,
we bury, and all for nothing.
Well, what do you expect?
Nothing. All for nothing.
Singing and burning incense and
reciting. But God doesn't hear.
I've been serving here 40 years
and God hasn't heard once.
All for nothing!
Too much philosophizing spins
the head.
Today we buried someone,
now a wedding,
tomorrow a christening,
and no end in sight.
And who needs all this?
No one. It's all for nothing.
What do they call a dowry
nowadays? By what term?
Why change such a precise word?
- I think he got a good dowry.
- Of course.
That's our life. Once I was engaged
too, then married,
and I took the so-called dowry.
But all is forgotten
in the merry-go-round of time.
Yes. Well, Father Nikolai?
- I thought you'd left, Father Nikolai.
- Not yet.
- And you, Father lvan.
- No.
Thought you had.
Let's go and have some tea.
No, thank you,
Father Archpriest.
I have to write a report.
Well, you know best.
By the way, Father Nikolai,
you didn't give me the book to read
from in time, and didn't open it,
and mixed up the prayer twice.
Forgive me, please.
Any good news about a new shower?
Will we get one?
Yes, you'll get everything.
Lucky you remembered,
or we'd have gone.
Isn't it working?
Oh God, what is it?!
- What's wrong?
- What is it? Who is it?
Let me go!
Come on, let me go!
Why are you rushing so?
I'm a friend of Tatiana Repina.
I poisoned myself...
Out of hate.
Save me!
I... He offended...
It hurts so much...
Why is he happy?
Oh, Lord! Save me!
From hate,
everybody should poison themselves!
She's in a grave, and he...
He offended God in a woman!
A woman died!
Save me!
Where are they? Where's the groom?
Where's the bride?
Locked me in! Where's the wedding?
- Aren't you ashamed, Marisha?
- I'm not ashamed, daddy!
Locked me in! Animals!
Cunning bitches!
Leave me alone! Go! Go!
We need to call a doctor.
- Where's the groom? And the wedding?
- Aren't you ashamed, Marisha?
I'm not ashamed, daddy!
Locked me in! Cunning bitches!
Go! Leave me alone!
Go. Go.
It's a PR for you, daddy
You're like my sister.
I'm not like anyone.
Not in looks. She...
She's 13 and tubby.
She's a terrorist, an over-thrower,
just like you.
Do you live here or in town?
I haven't got a telephone.
I'm off home then.
Oh, the elder son's
come back!
Rain's coming again.
So, you've changed your mind
about leaving today?
I'm very sorry
about everything.
My fault. Forgive me.
Children, time for bed!
Go, make beds.
Must go and make beds.
Everything's fine. Fine.
Children, time for bed!
Children, time for bed!
But so long as we started
talking about all this...
So long as we started
talking about all this...
Listen, we need
to have a serious talk.
Yes, a serious talk.
I've always respected you
and never dared
to talk to you this way.
But your behavior,
your last act...
We never sit at the table
without you kicking up a fuss.
Your bread
sticks in our throats.
There's nothing more offensive,
more humiliating than
begrudging a crust of bread.
Yes, you're a father, but nobody,
neither God nor nature,
gave you the right
to so cruelly
and take your mood out
on weaker people.
You've tormented and worn mother
my sister is hopelessly downtrodden,
and I... and I...
It's not your business to teach me!
No. It's my business! Mine!
You can humiliate me
as much as you want,
but please,
leave mother in peace!
I won't allow you to torment mother!
You're spoiled, spoiled,
because nobody has dared
stand up to you.
They've trembled before you,
gone mute, but that's finished!
You're a crude, ill-mannered man!
You're crude, see?
Crude, heavy, indifferent.
You're crude, you see?
And it's ridiculous to blame time!
Saying the times are hard!
The times are always the same!
The times are always hard!
All people are different!
And nobody can stand you!
They can!
Чеховские мотивы Чеховские мотивы

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