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Vera. I'm the leader of the nature corner.
This is the turtle and the crow.
I've brought Cheburashka for you
to teach him to read.
And to write.
And also to write, certainly.
We can't teach him anything.
Our school is under construction.
How do you mean under construction?
Tomorrow is the 1st of September!
Children must study. What if someone
suddenly sends them a telegram?
Yes, that's right.
Under construction?
Under Construction.
Lariska! Forward!
They'll jump up in a minute.
Lazy bones! Shameful ones!
Finish everything immediately!
Everything'll be ready in a minute.
Lariska keeps an eye on them.
That's good. But we still haven't got
a biology and a manual training teacher.
Me. I'm gonna be the biology teacher.
And I am the manual training teacher.
I'm gonna teach the boys how to make catapults,
and to drive all kinds of vehicles.
Even an airplane?
Even an airplane... If I can get one...
Copyright, Soyuzmultfilm, 1983

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