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lot of things to do.
Give me the jackhammer,
I want to work a bit.
No, I won't.
It would get out of your control!
Now they surely won't let us
to join them.
Fellow-citizen crocodile...
So you've stolen the compressor.
Yes, I have stolen it.
And what did you want to do with it?
Er... We...
have already used it.
We've built a playground
for the children.
Very nice.
Don't worry about
the compressor.
We'll take it back.
"We are collecting every
unnecessary metal throw-outs"
Cheburashka! I know a place, there
are a lot of metal throw-outs there!
It seems we must dive for it.
But I've newer swam.
Why are you just standing?
Help me!
Hold it!
Take it!
Here you are!
We've brought it to you.
We wanted to help you.
Our first place is sure!
We're glad.
We are taking you to the squad.
To the squad?
But we haven't made a bird-feeder
and we can't march either.
That's not important.
You've done a lot of good deeds!
We'll teach you how to march.
Squad! Assemble!
March on!
Attention, attention! The train
number 8 from Moscow to Yalta
at the eighth... eighth track
will start at Moscow time 8 o'clock.
I repeat: Moscow time...
at the eighth track.
Cheburashka! Where are you?
Here I am Gena, here I am.
Fellow citizens!
Tickets, please!
Gena! The tickets aren't there!
Maybe you've swallowed them?
We've had tickets. I swear we've had.
You've had.
You've had. Now you haven't.
You'll get off at the next station.
Sun is shining happily
at the meadows near to Moscow.
That's why people are travelling
to the South when it's summertime.
They're walking in the woods
next to Moscow,
collecting mushrooms, berries, flowers.
Don't go searching for a better place,
'cause you'll just wasting your time.
Gena! Look!
Let's see how you gonna travel!
Stop! Stop!
Stop, stop, stop now!
And the pocket is empty.
So let's go home.
You know, Cheburashka,
there are no mud and puddles
between the trails at autumn.
I know, Gena. That's very great.
That's very good.
Gena! The luggages are very heavy.
As you say, Cheburashka.
They're very heavy.
Listen Gena! I'll take
the luggages.
You just take me on your back.
That's a very good idea.
Hey, little dreisin, ukhnem...
hey, the green cudgel moves by itself!...
Oh, a suitcase! It'll come handy.
Nice little suitcase.
And now...forward!
And the most important, Cheburashka.
If you go by the tracks, you'll
never get lost.
Do you understand?
Yes, I do.
Look, Gena!
What are these? Berries?
No. These are not berries.
These are walnuts.
A cake!
"Made on the 1st of April."
Gena, look what I've found!
I think the tourists have
lost it.
It has to given back to them!
Help! Police!
You did that!
No. We've been ambushed too.
Then who stood that here?
I'm gonna show them!
You miserables!
I'm gonna find you!
Powdered sugar.
Now I'm gonna show you what
"sweet life" is!
Enough of traps.
We're going to fish.
Give me the dynamite!
Take it!
A cake! A real one!
What are we gonna eat now brothers?
What the net is for?
You're a genius, Petya!
't will ling.
Whose idea was that?
Why are you so dirty?
- We've bathed in the river.
- In the river?
And who has polluted it?
It was the factory.
Wait here.
It can't be true!
They are poisoning the nature!
Come in!
-Good afternoon!
-Good afternoon!
We've came because of the river pollution.
Why? Are we polluting it?
You are doing it badly.
We're gonna stop that.
Bury the pipe. Understood?
So you gonna take the pipe?
Right now.
-What's up crocodile? Order?
-Yes, the river is clean.
What's new, Cheburashka?
You can bathe now.
Let's go!
Ah! This way!
The river will be clean. Hooray!


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