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- Help! Thieves!
- Phew. He can't get me up here.
Ten days later, the house was ready.
[House of Friends]
[Greetings from Chapeau-Claque!]
- Now, Cheburashka will say a speech.
- We built, and we built...
...and we finally builded it! Hurray!
- And now, we will sign up anyone
who needs a friend.
- Why sign up? We're all
good friends already!
- Indeed. We all became good friends
during this construction.
- Hang on. Does this mean...
that we built, and we built, and all
for nothing?
- No, not for nothing!
It was us who made them all friends!
And this house can be Cheburashka's!
Since right now he lives in
a phone booth, right?
- Right.
- No, no, no!
Let's give this house to a daycare.
And I can work there as a toy!
If they take me, of course,
since nobody knows who or what I am.
- What do you mean, "nobody knows?"
Everyone knows!
- We'll give you good recommendation!
- And us! We will, too!
- Hey, look!
- I'll be good now, I promise.
Signed: Chapeau-Claque.
[The End]
[Subtitles by Mr. Icon]
The clumsies
are slipping on the puddles,
water is pouring on the blacktop.
People don't understand
why I am so happy
on a bad day like that.
I'm playing
on the accordion
for the passer-by's.
What a pity,
that birthday
cames only once a year.
And suddenly a wizard
with a sky-blue helicopter
flies here and presents
a free movie,
Congratulates to my birthday
and as a present
leaves 500 eskimos for me.
I'm playing
on the accordion
for the passer-by's.
What a pity
that birthday
comes only once a year.
What a pity
that birthday
comes only once a year.
Good morning.
Does Crocodile Gena lives here?
Yes. He does.  I'm Gena.
So please sign it here!
Hello Gna!
Happy birthday!
- That's for me?
- Yes, that is.
Cheburashka! You are a true friend!
- Pioneers!
- Pioneers.
The most real ones.
I would like to dress like this.
Dress! One have to do
a lot of good deeds,
for being a pioneer. Do you understand?
Yes, I do.
Oh, how beautiful!
Let's have it fly!
Let's go.
Let's go.
No, not like this!
Like this. Hold it!
I'm holding it.
Hold it stronger.
Is it good that way?
All right.
Cheburashka! Hang on!
Cheburashka! Haven't you hit yourself?
Not... Not much.
You've frightened me!
Pioneers again.
Gen, listen Gen,
let's ask them to join them!
No, Cheburashka.
They won't let us.
Why not? Let's go!
Let's try it!
Good morning!
Good morning!
Please take us amongst you!
You? To the squad?
No, that's impossible.
But we could take you to the nature corner.
We don't want to get in the nature corner.
We want to be pioneers.
Can you make a bird feeder?
No, we can't.
Have you ever made a campfire?
No, we haven't.
Can you march?
No, we can't.
So you see. It's premature for you!
And anyway: only the bests
can be pioneers.
But we will be the bests!
So, you should come back when
you are the bests.
So... Nothing succeeds.
I won't get exasperated.
We will have a rest and rebuild it again.
You've almost smashed yourself.
When I was a little crocodile
I've never scaled on a fireladder.
Fortunately we've arrived in time.
I would never again...
Never again. We'll see.
Why, but why have you crawled in there?
Haven't you got anything to play with?
I haven't.
We have absolutely nothing to play with.
They hasn't got a place to play.
That's why they are crawling where they shouldn't.
All right! We're gonna help them.
What is in this small house?
We're taking these all away!
We're gonna put a bench here,
and make a window here.
They can play then
in this house.
No. We're gonna do nothing here.
We're baking a loaf of bread
for the name-day of Cheburashka
This big, this small
So much tree! Are we making a campfire?
No. We'll build a playground.
Just swing a bit until that!
Let's help them!
Thank you but you already have


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