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m working on a new play,
and I just wondered...
...would you like to come
to the opening night with me?
I'd love to.
Maybe we ought to get you
out of here first, though.
Okay. Shoot.
Supposed to be doing time.
It's a goddamned vacation for them.
How would you like an old-time
prison funeral?
Could you go for that?
Just relax. He's gonna draw Untamed
in the bronc event.
A hundred and twenty-five years
without a whiff of pussy.
-How'd that make you feel, Mason?
-Mean. Very, very mean.
Hello? Mr. Len Garber, please.
Did he leave word
where he could be reached?
Okay. Thank you.
Operator? Please get me the sheriff's
office. This is an emergency.
I've been looking for you.
-Where've you been?
-Look at this.
It's so simple it is absurd.
It should be laughed out of court.
We'll talk about that later.
-They're gonna kill your clients.
-They're innocent!
That's not the point.
I'll explain it later.
We have to get to the rodeo.
It's across town.
We'll never make it.
We have to try.
Will you shut up and hurry?
I almost blew it.
How can I call myself a lawyer?
That's it for the preliminaries.
Get ready for the event
that you all came to see.
It's our featured event,
the Top Hand competition.
-How's your secret weapon, Wally?
-Fit as a fiddle, Henry.
-It's a nice day for it, ain't it?
-Sure is.
-Come on down, got your Coke here....
-Peanuts, popcorn....
Now remember, spur him high
on the shoulders, okay?
Try to keep a good rhythm.
It's time for the wild and woolly
Top Hand competition.
Leading off for Glenboro Prison
is New Yorker Skip Donahue...
... doing time for making a withdrawal
without having an account.
He told the judge he was just trying
to help New York by using our money.
-I hope I can remember everything.
-Good luck.
Thanks. That's very kind of you.
That's our boy, baby!
That's our boy there!
What do you say about that, folks?
He's got some cowboy in him, huh?
He sure does. You old sly bones.
-Where'd you get him?
-We'll see.
Next up, five-time winner and current
champion, Caesar Geronimo.
Got caught selling
some white powder at the border.
And by white powder,
I don't mean talcum powder.
His horse is so tough it's already
put 1 1 cowboys in the hospital.
And that's just by breaking wind
on them.
All right! That cowboy must have
some real strong glue in the saddle.
Ladies and gentlemen,
that man of mischief from Oklahoma...
... Iast year's runner-up is getting set
in chute number five, Ringo Stapelton.
He's doing 99 years for kidnapping
a trainload of college girls...
... on their way to a singing
contest in Las Vegas.
Oh, Ringo's in trouble already. He's
down, and the bull's on top of him!
Next is Bucky Stillwater...
... found guilty of misplacing
$4 million worth of insurance money.
The money was never recovered...
... which is why Bucky has more friends
among the inmates...
... than any other prisoner
in the whole system.
Whatever Bucky wants, old Bucky gets.
Except for parole, that is....
Don't be too surprised if Bucky's out
in time to enjoy that loot...
...before old age catches up
with him.
Third up, out of chute number four,
is the Glenboro Prison entry.
It's that city slicker again, who's
giving the champ a run for his money.
Can he keep it up?
We're gonna all find out...
... whether it's luck or if he's
really got some redneck in him.
Up on Flapjack, here's Skip Donahue.
Okay. A little tighter, Jesus.
-How's that?
-That's it.
Watch his head.
-Okay, let's go.
Open the gate!
Seem to have ourselves
a problem down here.
He'll be killed in there!
Some son of a bitch
put a lock on the gate!
That New Yorker is full of surprises.
Now here's last year's champ,
Caesar Geronimo...
...riding a bull that nobody
can ride for more than 3 seconds.
A bull by the name of Tornado.
Now you know why he's
our defending champ.
Well, folks, take a breather while
the judges tally up the

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