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Буйно помешанные

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would you?
-I'll come with you.
-Oh, shit.
I'm a little nervous.
Did you sleep any better last night?
A little between nightmares.
The walls close in on me.
I know. I have it on the list. Roomier
cells, soap dish, toilet seats--
What are you talking about?
-That's ridiculous.
-Put that on your list.
-I will. Unnecessary violence.
-See what they did to him?
Okay, you two, inside.
-Inmates 65984 and 65985.
-The New Yorkers.
How do you do, sir?
Very nice to meet you.
We'd like to touch--
I think I speak for Harry.
-Would like to--
Harry's a little nervous,
and I am a little bit too.
This is a different
way of life for us.
We'd like to discuss
with you some ideas...
...we think would make
life easier for all.
-Oh, do we have to listen to this?
-Were you in the middle of something?
No. Mr. Wilson just doesn't feel the
same need to be hospitable as I do.
Get on the bull!
-Get on the ball?
-Get on the bull!
Is that what that is? I didn't know.
Oh, is that a recreational activity?
I was hoping for volleyball or tennis.
We have an annual prison rodeo
we're awfully proud of.
We like to run you new
fellas through a test...
...to see if you have any
aptitude for it.
Sure. Fine with me.
-Be sure we don't miss some rodeo star.
-You don't need me, right?
-You wanna shut up?
-Okay, let her rip.
-You're on backwards.
Over the rigging.
I thought you meant the other way.
I was looking for the
horns to come out. Okay.
-You ready, Mr. Wilson?
Harry, you gotta try this.
It's fun.
It's like the merry-go-round
at Coney lsland.
Try two level.
Where's the part where I go,
" Hee-ya"?
Go to three.
This is fun.
Look, Ma. I'm dancing.
Ride it, Skip!
Ride that son of a bitch!
All right.
-Is it all right if I get off now?
-Yes. You can get off now.
You two fellas can
go on back to your cells.
Mr. Barstow!
-We had a nice visit, didn't we?
-Yeah. Mr. Barstow!
Here are the ideas I mentioned.
Why don't you chew on these?
When you're ready, we'll go over them.
-Get rid of them.
-Maybe we can meet for lunch.
-I don't believe what I saw.
-The machine's malfunctioning!
The machine's fine.
You want to try it?
-It was luck.
-He's a born cowboy.
-From New York?
-I don't care where he's from.
No inmate ever took it to six level.
Your big rodeo star, Graham,
never got it past a four.
-Graham's had injuries.
-I've had 10 years of humiliation!
I won't mention the money
trouble I'm in...
...from losing to Warden Sampson
and his gorillas, because of him!
If that kid's for real, he'll ride
for Glenboro in the next rodeo...
...and we're gonna whip Sampson's boys
and win that goddamn prize!
Get that kid back here in an hour.
I wanna test him on Double Aught again.
-Check it out.
-You check it out.
My back hurts, fellas,
I'm gonna have to drop out.
My back still hurts from yesterday.
Hurt it again.
Harry, rub me a little bit,
right here, would you? That's it.
That's better. Did you try that
thing in the warden's office?
-It's fun.
-It is.
Jesus was the champion
bull rider from his province.
You're kidding! That's wonderful.
Are you gonna ride in the rodeo?
-Jesus says the rodeo is bullshit.
-Why? How come?
Do you know how much money
they make on it? $85,000 to $100,000.
Hundred thousand dollars.
We're supposed to get the money.
We don't get shit.
We get our ass kicked. They get rich.
The prisoners don't get one
penny of that money?
No, I'm exaggerating a little,
I guess.
Two years ago we got new
Ping-Pong balls. Five boxes.
I don't understand one thing.
Why do the guys go to the rodeo?
They scare everybody by threatening
to deny their parole.
-That's how they get the kiss-asses.
In Texas, they run an honest rodeo.
The prisoners keep the prize money.
Them wardens over there are pretty
decent. Not like these pricks.
Isn't that fucking outrageous?
Say, I hear you went to six
Буйно помешанные Буйно помешанные

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