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roach-ridden reality
is inspiring.
What did that cop say
when he grabbed your throat?
-I don't fucking believe you!
-" I don't fucking believe you."
-You don't get it.
Think this is
The Count of Monte Cristo?
This is the real deal.
We're in deep shit.
You and I are innocent.
You know that. I know that.
The two guys who really pulled
that bank job know it too.
But the cops don't know it!
Donahue. Monroe.
-I am entitled to a private interview.
-Forget it.
-Are you here for us?
-I believe so.
I'm Skip Donahue.
This is my buddy, Harry Monroe.
-I'm Len Garber, your lawyer.
-It's a pleasure to see you.
Call my girlfriend, Cindy Laurence.
They won't let me.
-It's important to him.
-I will.
-Say we're at our cousins.
-There's been a misunderstanding.
I am more or less familiar
with the case.
You know we're innocent?
Can't you just cut through
all this garbage?
This isn't funny.
Do they know I hate confinement?
They don't care. I can only shower
them with motions. I've filed two.
-Only two?
-How about a dozen on me?
We're dealing with robbery
and assault.
You might as well have
burned the Pentagon!
Will the defendants rise?
Considering the arguments
presented by both counsel...
...and after deliberation...
...l find the defendants
guilty as charged.
Do you wish to waive the right
to a pre-sentence hearing?
-Yes, Your Honour.
Considering the ruthless nature
of this crime...
...and the bleak prospects
for rehabilitation...
...l hereby sentence you
to serve 1 25 years...
...in the custody of the commissioner
of the Department of Corrections.
Wait. No, no, no, wait.
No, no, sit. Sit.
We didn't do it.
There's a misunderstanding.
-We didn't do it.
-Our lawyer told us to come up--
-I know I didn't.
He's joking. He means we didn't do it.
We didn't do it.
-Have you got the right case?
-This is Monroe and Donahue.
-Harry Monroe. Look under there.
-A tall, black man--
-Sir, we didn't--
How much does that mean
in actual time?
-Thirty years, tops.
-I'll be a dead old man.
-Thirty years.
-I don't want to do one.
I don't even want to do 100.
I can't....
I'm gonna kill this mother.
-I'm mad about what happened.
-It's not the end of the world.
-What do we do?
-Start your sentence. I'll appeal.
-A hundred and twenty-five years!
-Stop it! It's only 30 years.
Can you get your staff to track down
those guys who really pulled it off?
It's a one-man show. My cousin
is visiting from Massachusetts.
She's a terrific social worker.
Oh, 1 25 years.
I won't have grandchildren!
It's chilling. It's frighteningly real.
It's almost surreal.
Will you shut up until we get out
of this mess you got us into?
Let's go. And no slow bucking.
-Sir, how come--?
-Shut up, asshole, and move out!
This is from the Middle Ages.
How do they expect you to move?
I bet this whole thing is illegal.
-Sir, wasn't this whole contraption--?
-Keep moving, turkey!
Get up. Get up!
You're gonna have to learn
the hard way, fella.
I was right.
This is illegal and he knows it.
Jesus! The man
ain't never gonna learn.
Maybe after they hit him a few times.
Just get into the flow of it.
Don't fight the metal.
I'm not. It's fighting me.
-What you up for, Sweetpants?
-We're innocent. I swear we are.
My name ain't no goddamn "Sweetpants."
Holy shit!
-I have the swing of it now. Thanks.
-I'm Skip Donahue.
-Jesus Ramirez.
Nice to meet you.
Why are you here?
I've been here seven years,
away from my beautiful Teresa.
I was in court on an appeal hearing.
Lost again.
They accused me
of robbing several banks.
I was drunk, but I'm positive
I only robbed one bank. You?
My friend and I were doing
a song and dance act.
Must have been pretty bad.
Excuse me. I'm not very good
at these written tests.
I think you'll get much more of my
original flavour in an oral exam--
You know, I'm just about to lose
my patience

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