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Буйно помешанные

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written on their faces.
-They'll bring your hat to you.
-Don't worry.
I'd love to talk with those fellows. I
want to try and capture their rhythm.
-It won't take you long. Skip--
-I'll be right back.
Jesus Christ, goddamn! Skip!
Hi. Hi, fellas.
Hello. Hi. How are you?
I'm Skip Donahue. I'm from back East.
Me and my buddy--
My buddy and I just rolled into town.
We were wondering, what is the job
situation like around here?
Wow! That surprised me.
Do you mind if I try it?
Excuse me, gentlemen,
I just want to speak to my friend.
-Socializing with them is hazardous.
-They're nice guys.
-They'll take your head off.
-Tell me about the job opportunity.
-It's in banking.
-We don't know about banking.
-We don't have to.
I've sold the manager
on a new promotion idea.
Oh, you'll save money
Knock on wood
When you do what
A good woodpecker should
Save for a horse
Or a brand-new ranch
When you flock to the
Glenboro Savings branch
You can feather your nest
With frills
Fill your garage
With Coup de Villes
Just relax if you have a big bill
Are you really a woodpecker?
No, I'm just a man pretending
to be a woodpecker.
That's a real woodpecker.
Be a smart bird too
You little pecker, you
You gotta admit, for an interim gig,
this really wasn't bad.
Oh, you'll save money
Knock on wood
You'll save money
Knock on wood
When you do what
A good woodpecker should
Save for a horse
Or a brand-new ranch
When you flock to the
Glenboro Savings--
Get down on the floor.
Stay where you are
and nobody gets hurt.
-Looks like trouble.
-What happened?
-Let's not find out.
-It might be important.
Would you mind looking
at some mug shots?
Maybe you can identify those guys.
-There they are! The New Yorkers!
-Can we help?
Is that your van?
-No, sir. It doesn't belong to me.
-Yes, sir. What are you doing?
-This is my first frisk.
-Why are you searching me?
-I hope you're enjoying this shit.
-What are you doing?
Welcome to the desert.
But I don't see no naked women.
I shouldn't have listened to you.
-Grandma was right. Shit for brains!
No, me!
-What are you doing?
-Getting bad.
You better get bad.
If you ain't, you'll get fucked.
You bad, they don't mess with you.
-Hey, home, get down.
You a little too bad, ain't you?
Do some of these.
That's right, that's right, we bad.
That's right. We don't want
no shit, either. That's right.
Darn right.
We don't want no shit, you understand?
We don't take too much shit.
We take a little, but no monster shit.
Damn right!
-That's right. Say, " No shit."
-No shit!
That's right, no shit. No.
Try it again.
-We don't take no shit.
-No shit.
No shit.
-And we ain't shitting.
-You better believe it, baby.
What the hell's wrong with him?
Oh, shit. Skip?
Skip, come on, man.
Come on.
Carry me back to old Virginia, Lord.
Did you get it?
Oh. There it is.
Right on the end of your nose.
Oh, shit!
Give him a light.
-Give me a light.
-He wants a light.
Right on.
The man wants a light.
A light.
It doesn't....
Don't.... Just doesn't....
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
-Short-ass son of a bitch, ain't you?
-Oh, I'm a short son of a bitch.
My father was a short
son of a bitch too.
My mother was shorter than him.
And my brother was real short, and we
couldn't even see him. He was short.
-What's the charge?
-I'm innocent.
-Ain't we all.
-Bank robbery.
-Oh, shit!
-Oh, shit!
You can kiss the baby.
Kiss the baby?
What baby is that, sir?
Ask your lawyer.
Kiss the baby?
-I'm Slowpoke.
-Hi. Slowpoke, this is Harry.
This state gives long sentences,
especially for bank robbing.
Don't wet your pants. They have
a liberal good-time program.
If the bottom drops out
from under you...
...that's one bright spot
to look forward to.
-Okay. Okay.
-What is he talking about?
-What did he say?
-I don't know what he said.
He said if the bottom falls out.
This filthy,
Буйно помешанные Буйно помешанные

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