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Буйно помешанные

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time in our lives,
we're free.
Yeah, free to walk in the cold.
To be ridiculed.
I don't mean that.
I mean we're free to get out
of this city. It's driving me buggy.
What are you trying to pull?
I gave you a $10 bill.
Think I'm crazy?
And it's 8:50 on the clock. Okay?
-You gave me a buck, not 10.
-Bullshit! I gave you a 10!
-Why are you trying to steal from me?
-Get lost, Chico.
See what this city does to people?
They need room to breathe.
They need love, affection!
The little guy needs money. The big
guy needs a two-by-four to his head.
All they need is someone to talk
to them gently, with compassion.
-That's all they need.
-Are you serious? Huh?
I'm serious. That's what
I don't like about this city.
-You're a saint.
-Why make fun of me?
You ought to go over there.
They're gentlemen, they'll understand.
Because you convinced me. Go on over
there, tell them what you told me.
Go on over there.
-Skip, what are you--? Skip!
Skip, don't go over there, man.
-Oh, hi, Lana.
Call me.
Excuse me.
Hold on one second, fellas.
Listen, I know this
is a delicate situation.
But let's talk a little sense.
Do you really want
to hurt this man?
No, no, not at all.
Do you want more
than what you're due?
-Then we're halfway home.
Can we work this out
in a civilized manner?
It's okay with me.
By the way, sir, what is your name?
Alex. And you, sir?
-My name is Chico.
Alex, may I present Chico.
Chico, this is Alex.
How do you do?
Wallet. Wallet.
Okay. Okay.
-Here. Here.
-Hey, thanks, sir.
-Does this include the tip?
-Yes. Have it all. Okay?
Thanks a lot.
I'll leave you. You seem
to have a friendship starting.
-Have a nice evening.
-Thank you.
-So long, fellas.
-So long.
Take care.
No, no, don't. That--
-What if you got hurt, huh?
Did you think about that?
Do you see what can be accomplished
if you get people to make real contact?
The little man had the contact.
He got his point across.
Harry, I don't like it here anymore.
I want to get out.
Let's go where there's some sunshine.
Where there's human feelings.
Tenderness and kindness.
-Where the noise is not so loud.
-You wanna leave New York? Broadway?
You love New York?
I got a callback on a play.
I'm an actor. I'm going to stay.
Harry, you made $35
last year as an actor.
-How much you make as a playwright?
That's why I want to get out of here.
Let's go. We can head out West.
We could grab odd jobs on the way.
Build up a nest egg.
And then head for Hollywood.
That's the place for us. Picture it.
Harry and Skip in the Sunbelt.
In the Sunbelt, you just smile
and they pour money out on you.
And the women. Oh, God, the women.
Natural, robust, open, carefree...
...uninhibited, healthy.
-Talk some more.
-You can talk shit.
-Okay, picture this.
You and me, and two girls.
Romping through the desert.
Splashing into the ocean.
And the moonlight is out.
We glimpse their bodies
when the moonlight hits their breasts.
We watch those breasts
bounce gently to and fro.
-In the sand?
-After the water, we go in the sand.
-We have a blanket.
-You serious?
-That's what I'm trying to say.
-Let's go!
Okay! California, here I come!
Harry, what's the matter?
-1 50 bucks?
-1 50?
That'll put a dent in our bankroll.
Don't worry.
Jobs shouldn't be hard to find here.
I think this is too much, though.
I have a good feeling
about this town.
I think this is gonna be
our lucky town.
Give me the 5 back, please.
Merry Christmas.
-How did you do on the job front?
-I drew a blank.
Well, I have one possibility.
It's nothing ideal. But it's a start.
Harry, I have something
very important to tell you.
I love this place!
I'm thrilled here, Harry.
I'm telling you, I am....
I'm thrilled.
-I'm thrilled for you.
-You can taste the atmosphere.
Do you know what this will do
for my writing?
See those two guys?
The Sunbelt's history
Буйно помешанные Буйно помешанные

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