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Буйно помешанные

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if Bucky's out
in time to enjoy that loot...
...before old age catches up
with him.
Third up, out of chute number four,
is the Glenboro Prison entry.
It's that city slicker again, who's
giving the champ a run for his money.
Can he keep it up?
We're gonna all find out...
... whether it's luck or if he's
really got some redneck in him.
Up on Flapjack, here's Skip Donahue.
Okay. A little tighter, Jesus.
-How's that?
-That's it.
Watch his head.
-Okay, let's go.
Open the gate!
Seem to have ourselves
a problem down here.
He'll be killed in there!
Some son of a bitch
put a lock on the gate!
That New Yorker is full of surprises.
Now here's last year's champ,
Caesar Geronimo...
...riding a bull that nobody
can ride for more than 3 seconds.
A bull by the name of Tornado.
Now you know why he's
our defending champ.
Well, folks, take a breather while
the judges tally up the scores.
We'll pause for the cause...
...and I'll be back in just a bit
to announce the winner.
Hold on, folks, we got
ourselves the first...
...push in the history of the prison
There ain't gonna be any push.
I was ready for this.
Ladies and gentlemen,
hold on to your hats.
As a tiebreaker, both wardens
have okayed the Hard Money event...
... the single most dangerous
event in all of rodeo competition.
All you have to do to win this event...
... is snatch a little sack of money
between the horns of a bull.
As soon as our two boys get ready,
we'll start our final competition.
Are you ready for the main event?
Well, listen to this. Warden Beatty
has just informed me...
... that he and Warden Sampson
have so much faith in their boys...
... that instead of splitting the purse
as usual...
... it'll be a winner-take-all event.
I'm saying that $50, 000 in bills
is gonna be tied...
...between the horns of one of the
meanest bulls around.
And whichever inmate grabs the money
is the winner.
And here they are,
ladies and gentlemen.
I get nervous sometimes before
these things.
-Word is that your warden's a nice guy.
-He's a prick.
A prick? Boy, did I hear that wrong.
Well, is it true you're an ass-kisser?
-You're gonna get a punch in the mouth.
-I'm just telling you what I heard.
I'm an ass-kisser too.
We're both dumb if no one's gonna
get this money except two pricks.
Stands to reason, doesn't it?
I'll distract the bull,
you grab the money. Okay?
What difference
does it make who wins?
Why don't we give the cash
to the prisoners?
I'll tell you what. You do whatever you
think is best, okay? Get ready.
The winner, and champion for the
sixth time in a row, Caesar Geronimo.
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!
That boy's lost his mind.
Holy cow, there's gonna
be hell to pay for that.
Now to wrap up our day, here's
the greased-pig sacking contest.
-Holy shit!
What the hell is going--?
Are you okay?
They're in the camper!
Look, I'm sorry, but we're
in a real hurry, okay?
What is going on?
I'm sorry.
Harry Monroe, Skip Donahue...
...Rory Schultebrand.
-My wife, Teresa, and my brother, Ramon.
-Hey, guys. That is yours.
-Where you guys going?
Veracruz. We got some family there.
-Hey, Rory going with you?
-Try to be brave, Sweetpants.
-Oh, man! Take care.
-Be a good girl, now.
Ramon! A su casa, honey.
It's me and you!
He kissed me. Damn!
Let's go.
We got to get the hell out of here!
Wait a minute.
-How'd you get out?
-We busted out.
-But you're free!
-You're damn right!
-No, they caught the other two guys.
-Thanks to Meredith.
You mean, we're really free?
We're free!
-You're a hell of a lawyer.
-Thanks. Thanks very much.
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
-Thanks for everything.
-It's okay.
Thank you.
It's okay.
Come on. Let's get out of this state
before somebody changes their mind.
-Aren't you forgetting something?
What about my opening night?
Am I still invited?
Holy mackerel! How many times
do I have to ask
Буйно помешанные Буйно помешанные

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