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Буйно помешанные

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-It's fun.
-It is.
Jesus was the champion
bull rider from his province.
You're kidding! That's wonderful.
Are you gonna ride in the rodeo?
-Jesus says the rodeo is bullshit.
-Why? How come?
Do you know how much money
they make on it? $85,000 to $100,000.
Hundred thousand dollars.
We're supposed to get the money.
We don't get shit.
We get our ass kicked. They get rich.
The prisoners don't get one
penny of that money?
No, I'm exaggerating a little,
I guess.
Two years ago we got new
Ping-Pong balls. Five boxes.
I don't understand one thing.
Why do the guys go to the rodeo?
They scare everybody by threatening
to deny their parole.
-That's how they get the kiss-asses.
In Texas, they run an honest rodeo.
The prisoners keep the prize money.
Them wardens over there are pretty
decent. Not like these pricks.
Isn't that fucking outrageous?
Say, I hear you went to six
on Double Aught, hey?
-He's my man.
-Did you tell him? It wasn't so tough.
Well, if you really did a six...
...they're gonna want you to ride
in that Top Hand competition.
Don't worry. I'm no brown-noser.
Everybody knows that.
Why don't you hear the man out?
If you ride in the Top Hand event,
there's a good chance we can bust out.
You know what I mean?
-Is he talking about a jailbreak--?
-You bet your ass.
-What about our appeal?
-Appeal? Rory, tell him about appeals.
The day I met you and Sweetpants was
my fifth appeal hearing in six years.
Turned me down.
Do you want to spend 30 years in here?
I couldn't take it.
And I know you can't.
We gotta get out of here.
Hello, operator, get me Warden Sampson
at Doerin Prison, please. Thank you.
Hello, Wally.
How's your team look this year?
Not too bad. We might
give you a race this year.
Is that right?
You got some new blood?
Something like that.
Seeing as how you're in
such good shape...
...you want to put some real
money down?
Well, I realize that $50,000...
...ain't much these days, but it might
stimulate a little interest.
Henry, one way or another,
I'm gonna cover that bet.
What do you want me to do?
You've got to convince the warden
that you won't ride, no matter what.
He'll be so mad, he'll wet his pants,
because he makes this very big bet.
But you gotta hold out, no matter
what they do. Don't give up.
The longer you hold out,
the better chance for a bargain.
What bargain?
-You pick your crew.
-That's us.
-The county stadium is tough to crack.
-Even tougher than this joint.
-It's supposed to be escape-proof.
-But there's a weakness.
This is fantastic.
Harry, there's a great novel in this.
Which you won't start writing
till we get out of here, right?
I guess I can wait seven months.
-Hello, warden. Nice to see you again.
-I've got some good news for you.
-My wine magazines came?
-No, it's better than that.
You're gonna represent Glenboro Prison
in the annual Top Hand competition.
Oh, my God! Warden!
-I can't do that.
-What the hell are you talking about?
I should've told you.
My mom was a veterinarian.
I can't exploit animals,
she'd roll over in her grave.
You didn't hear me.
This is very important to me.
Important to you? My mother
is watching over every step I make.
Do you know my soul is on the line?
Please, let's drop-- What?
I said no. I told him no.
Ma, are you crazy? I have witnesses.
We'll talk about it in my cell.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Would you excuse me, warden?
That boy is very confused.
Straighten him out!
Well, what about Jack Graham?
His knees have mended.
Wake him up.
-All right. On your feet. Let's move!
-What happened?
Let's go, Mayor Koch.
And you too, Count Basie!
-What time is it?
Why so early?
It's called paying your debt
to society. Now, let's move!
-Is breakfast ready?
-Somebody stole the toilet!
Over here.
You're peeing on me.
-Close 1 2.
-Close 1 2.
Oh, shit! They're trying to kill me.
Please, God, please.
Буйно помешанные Буйно помешанные

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