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to get out.
Let's go where there's
some sunshine...
Where there's human feelings
between people...
where there's tenderness and kindness,
where the noise level is not so loud.
You want to leave
New York? Broadway?
- You love New York and Broadway?
- I got a call-back on a Neil Simon play.
I'm an actor, and I'm going to stay
in New York. That's right.
You made $35 last year as an actor.
- How much you make as a playwright?
- I made nothing as a playwright!
That's why I want to get out
of this place. Let's go someplace.
We can head out west.
We could grab odd jobs along the way,
build up a wonderful nest egg...
then head for Hollywood.
That's the place for you and me.
Picture it.
Harry and Skip in the Sunbelt.
Out there in the Sunbelt...
you just smile
and they pour money on you.
And the women.
Oh, God, the women.
Natural, robust...
open, carefree, uninhibited...
Talk some more.
- You can talk shit, man.
- Just picture this.
You and me, and two girls...
Romping through the desert...
Splashing into the ocean.
And the moonlight is out.
We just catch a glimpse
of their bodies...
When the moonlight
hits their breasts.
We watch those breasts
bounce gently to and fro...
In the sand?
After the water, we go in the sand,
but we'll have a blanket.
- You're serious.
- That's what I'm trying to tell you.
- Let's go! California, here I come!
- Got money for gas?
What's the matter?
- A hundred and fifty?
- A hundred and fifty bucks?
That's going to put
a hell of a debt in our bankroll.
Don't worry.
Jobs shouldn't be hard to find here.
I think this is
a little bit too much.
I have a good feeling
about this town.
I think this is going to be
our lucky town.
Give me the five back, please.
Merry Christmas.
- How'd you do on the job front?
- I drew a blank, man.
I have one possibility.
It's nothing ideal,
but it's a start.
I have something very important
to tell you.
I love this place!
I'm thrilled here!
I'm telling you I'm... I'm thrilled.
- I'm thrilled for you.
- You can almost taste the atmosphere.
You know what this is going to do
for my writing?
See those two guys?
You can see the history of the Sunbelt
written across their faces.
- Those guys'll bring your hat to you.
- Don't worry. Excuse me for a minute.
I'd love to talk with those fellas.
I want to capture some of their rhythms.
- It won't take you long to do that.
- I'll be right back.
Jesus Christ. Goddamn. Skip!
Hiya, fellas.
How are ya? I'm Skip Donahue.
I'm from back east.
Me and my buddy just drove...
My buddy and I
just rolled into town.
We were wondering, what is
the job situation like around here?
That surprised me.
Mind if I try it?
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I just want to speak to my friend.
- Man!
- Speak about what?
Socializing can be hazardous
to your health with these people.
- Those are nice guys.
- Yeah, when they take your head off.
- Tell me about the job opportunity.
- It's in banking.
We don't know a thing
about banking.
We don't have to know
anything about banking.
I've sold the manager
on a new promotion idea.
Oh, you'll save money
knock on wood
When you do what
a good woodpecker should
Save for a horse
or a brand-new ranch
When you flock to
the Glenboro Savings branch
You can feather your nest
with frills
Fill your garage
with Coup de Villes
Just relax if you have a big bill
Are you really a woodpecker?
I'm just a man
pretending to be a woodpecker.
That's a real woodpecker.
What you can do
Be a smart bird too
You little pecker, you
You gotta admit...
for an interim gig,
this really wasn't bad.
Down on the floor!
Everybody stay where they are,
and nobody gets hurt.
- Looks like trouble.
- I wonder what happened.
- Let's not find out.
- It might be something important.
Would you mind stepping downtown
and looking at some mug shots?
Maybe you can identify those guys.
There they are! The New Yorkers!
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