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Буйно помешанные

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-Hey, guys. That is yours.
-Where you guys going?
Veracruz. We got some family there.
-Hey, Rory going with you?
-Try to be brave, Sweetpants.
-Oh, man! Take care.
-Be a good girl, now.
Ramon! A su casa, honey.
It's me and you!
He kissed me. Damn!
Let's go.
We got to get the hell out of here!
Wait a minute.
-How'd you get out?
-We busted out.
-But you're free!
-You're damn right!
-No, they caught the other two guys.
-Thanks to Meredith.
You mean, we're really free?
We're free!
-You're a hell of a lawyer.
-Thanks. Thanks very much.
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
-Thanks for everything.
-It's okay.
Thank you.
It's okay.
Come on. Let's get out of this state
before somebody changes their mind.
-Aren't you forgetting something?
What about my opening night?
Am I still invited?
Holy mackerel! How many times
do I have to ask you?
Come on.
Subtitles by
SDI Media GroupMarvellous salad.
May I have a bit more, please?
-Yes, sir.
-Oh, me too.
Count me in. It is divine.
-Tell Sissie everything is excellent.
-She'll be pleased.
And I'll have a little fraction more
of that wonderful salad.
Yes, ma'am.
Is it ready?
-It needs more oregano.
-I put a lot in.
Well, just a touch more.
-Where did you get this?
-Out of your bag.
That's not my bag.
That's the waiter's bag.
Four more salads
for four very hungry people who--
-What's wrong, Mavis?
-Harry, what is this?
That's personal.
What is it?
-It ain't oregano.
-Oh, my God!
-You put this in the veal?
-And the soup.
-And the salad.
Lord have mercy! Grass!
My grass!
Jesus! You cooked half my stash!
Excuse me, dear.
May I talk with you for a minute?
-Up your kazoo!
-Up my.... Wait.
I'm not trying to be a pest.
I know you're an actress.
-Who are you?
-Skip Donahue. I'm a playwright.
I saw you do a scene
from Romeo and Juliet.
You were wonderful. I'm not just
saying it to be kind. You were lovely.
Get out of my way
or I'll kick you in the nuts.
Kick in the nuts! You're fantastic.
The way you can switch characters.
The difference between this
and Juliet is fabulous.
I know you're not wearing
anything under that coat.
-I also know you're a shoplifter.
-Are you some kind of loony tune?
No. I'm the store detective here.
Mrs. R.H. was my best customer too.
Well, I was James' best customer.
He sold me this African gungi '65.
Do you know what you've done?
For a little of this, my girlfriend...
...was gonna let me have her
and two of her girlfriends.
She'll ruin me when she finds out!
-Maybe she'll think it's the wine.
-The wine?
There's no wine in the world that--
Smell that.
This is '65 African gungi
from the motherland.
Understand? It's been soaked
in the earth back home. This is mean!
One joint of this put Southern
California to sleep back in '65.
There was a revolution in '65.
We missed it because of this.
This is bad! And you went
and spread it over everything.
I hope you had fun,
because I ain't gonna.
I saw you pretend to steal that dress.
You even looked guilty.
You're a wonderful actress.
But you didn't know...
...l also saw you take off the dress
and throw it in the trash bin.
Let me get this right...
You kill me.
-You think I was a terrific Juliet--
-You were!
Thanks. And you think that I stole
a dress, and then threw it away!
-You think I have nothing on under this?
I know that you don't.
-More wine, sir?
-What is this stuff?
-Domestic '65. Hot, isn't it?
-Was that a good year?
-The best ever.
-It's a bitch.
-What did you say?
-I didn't say nothing, ma'am.
-I'm feeling something very strange.
-That's my leg.
Oh, that's all right.
Hit him again, Harry.
Yes, ma'am.
Hitting you again, Father.
You know, I've never
felt like this before.
You know, I'm.... I'm....
-Which reminds me.
There's something I always wanted to
ask someone like you. Do you
Буйно помешанные Буйно помешанные

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