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that sometimes spring up...
...between inmates and girls from the
outside. Sometimes beautiful girls.
I mean, would you, for example...
...could you actually become involved,
I mean romantically, with a prisoner?
Absolutely not.
No, I didn't think so.
I was just curious.
-How's he tougher than you thought?
-In a few days I'll break him.
We don't have a few days. Stock's
delivered. The contracts are out.
And Doerin is ahead of us.
I thought the kid
would be a little softer.
He's soft. You just don't know
where to kick him.
What are you talking about, my
appendix? I know about appendix!
I had my appendix taken out already.
I had my appendix taken out. Help!
Sir, help me! Please! Help!
-What you in for?
-There's gotta be some confusion.
They say my appendix grew back,
but I had it removed years ago. You?
I came for a hernia operation. They
cut off one of my nuts by mistake.
Say what?
They said I didn't need it.
Now I can't eat, I don't sleep, I got
no enthusiasm. I don't write my woman.
I'm getting out next year,
but I don't care.
You're sure taking it calm.
Nothing I can do now.
They got this Korean doctor just came
to this country. Don't get him.
-He did this to me.
Korean, right. Jesus Christ!
What's the matter with him?
Johnson's on a hunger strike. They're
force-feeding him to keep him alive.
Thank God.
There's some humanity in this place.
They're gonna electrocute
him next month.
Mr. Frazier? How do you go?
That's the cat that did me.
Be sure you cover up them jewels!
-Hello, Donahue. What can I do for you?
-I'm ready to make a deal.
-Oh? What kind of deal?
-I want my own team.
And I want a bigger cell
with better ventilation.
-Has Grossberger been farting on you?
-Settle down, Wilson.
-I don't make deals, Donahue.
-I know.
-But I think it might be arranged.
I want to win that trophy. And I'm
counting on you to go balls-out.
I only have one speed: balls-out.
That's the spirit. You'll get
out of here a relatively young man.
-I'm looking forward to that.
-I guess we have a deal.
I guess so.
Ride 'em, cowboy.
-I want an inmate guard on them.
-Graham'll watch them.
Put Blade on Graham.
Hey, sucker!
The shit's gonna start now.
Why are you joining the rodeo?
Sucking up to the warden?
He's not sucking up. We're having fun.
We showed aptitude for it.
Aptitude? You hear that?
Lay off. The man's doing what he's got
to. They were gonna cut his nuts off.
-I don't want to discuss my nuts.
-Work your tail off...
Don't sweat it.
...then get replaced by an amateur
who knows nothing.
He may be going into the rodeo,
but he may not come out.
Oh, what a horse.
Jesus, what a beauty.
What a sweet, beautiful face he has.
Look, he's listening to us.
He's listening to every word we say,
I bet. Okay, sweetheart, here I come.
-Don't be misled. He's a chute fighter.
-He'll try to kill you in the chute.
-I don't think so. I'd love to try him.
Aren't you rushing a bit?
Did you see the look he gave?
He's a sweetheart, a pussycat.
-I've never ridden a real horse.
-Remember, no spurs in the belly.
-Not in the belly.
-Spurs high.
Okay. Well, this should be a snap.
Let her rip!
Skip! Skip! Are you all right?
I'm fine. I wanted to see
what it's like to get thrown.
Grossberger, I'm fine.
You can put me down now.
You get a little overprotective
sometimes. Okay, where's that sucker?
Now, let me explain to you
about bulls, okay?
A bull is the most evil, disgusting,
and crafty sucker in the world.
He'll snot on you, fart on you, do
anything he can to mash out your brain.
The worst kind of bull is the one
that won't do nothing.
Just stand there. Look at you.
That means he's studying you.
Learning your weak spots...
...and remembering them for
the time he prances on your head.
Blade, you got it wrong. I'm a clown.
I shoot firecrackers off...
...there's a little car
with midgets....
-That ain't

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