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exploit animals,
she'd roll over in her grave.
You didn't hear me.
This is very important to me.
Important to you? My mother
is watching over every step I make.
Do you know my soul is on the line?
Please, let's drop-- What?
I said no. I told him no.
Ma, are you crazy? I have witnesses.
We'll talk about it in my cell.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Would you excuse me, warden?
That boy is very confused.
Straighten him out!
Well, what about Jack Graham?
His knees have mended.
Wake him up.
-All right. On your feet. Let's move!
-What happened?
Let's go, Mayor Koch.
And you too, Count Basie!
-What time is it?
Why so early?
It's called paying your debt
to society. Now, let's move!
-Is breakfast ready?
-Somebody stole the toilet!
Over here.
You're peeing on me.
-Close 1 2.
-Close 1 2.
Oh, shit! They're trying to kill me.
Please, God, please.
They're coming back.
They're coming back.
I want my pillow.
All right, you two. Up and at 'em!
I can't feel nothing in my leg!
-Don't you see the white line?
-You're not to be to the side of it.
-Sorry, mistake. Won't happen again.
Too late for that.
Get him out of here.
Come on.
-Close 10!
-Close 10!
Hey! My back!
My 1 1 -year-old back problem is gone.
I feel terrific. Thanks, cap. Wow!
What a lucky guy!
You son of a guns!
All right, get in there. I'll see you
in about five days, if you make it.
One more day, please.
Just one more day. I was beginning
to get into myself. Be a pal.
Harry, guess who's here?
How's my best--?
Help me. Please help me!
I left my wallet in the solitary.
Could l? Oh, please.
Nighty-night, boys.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Grossberger.... Grossberger....
-Come here. I want to talk to you.
-I can't go to you. It's amazing.
Excuse me.
-Don't touch him. Don't touch him.
-Oh, sorry. I'm sorry.
Please don't touch him.
-See you later.
-Don't touch.
I'll stand here.
-Don't leave me, please.
-No. I'll just be over here.
You think Grossberger ate them
up or did he leave some bones?
If he did, we're gonna ship them
back to Times Square.
-Say what? No, this is a jack.
-I know this is illegal.
-We tried charades. He doesn't get it.
-This is dead. You can't play it.
What is this? Look, what?
Cheating, look!
-Wait a second.
-What? What do you call--?
-That's for this one.
Well, how have you been getting along?
Excuse me. This is my cousin, Meredith.
She's been helping out on your case.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
You too.
It's amazing. There's hardly any
family resemblance. No offence.
We're just barely cousins. See,
my mother was a French cancan dancer.
And.... It's a long story.
Say, how've you been getting along?
Swell. Just swell.
A few ups and downs.
You know, people see movies
about prison life...
...but until you've actually
spent time here...
...it's hard to get the real
flavour of what it's like.
More Americans should spend
time behind bars to understand.
More Americans probably will.
Now, we have made your preliminary
bid for retrial and....
Well, Meredith,
why don't you tell him?
Remember the little girl in the bank?
She's ready to swear...
...you weren't in the woodpecker
suits during the robbery.
She remembers that one
of the robbers had a tattoo.
-Do either of you have a tattoo?
Good. I'll check the tattoo places.
There's a raunchy strip joint
where tattooed guys hang out.
I'm gonna try for
a part-time job there.
Now, because the little girl
is only 6...
...the court said that her information
doesn't justify a new hearing.
We're trying to change that.
On the basis that
information was withheld.
All legal bullshit.
You were railroaded!
Another example
of a repressive system...
..ing down
on the bottom of society.
I don't know about the bottom part,
but I agree with you on the rest.
You want to know something
that's always fascinated me...
...are the prison romances


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