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can do about it now.
But look, they got this Korean doctor
just set foot in this country.
- Make sure you don't get him.
- That's right.
- He's the one made the mistake on me.
- Korean, right.
Jesus Christ!
What's the matter with him?
Oh, man, that's just Johnson.
He's on a hunger strike, so they're
force-feedin' him to keep him alive.
Thank God.
There is some humanity in this place.
They're gonna electrocute him
next month.
Mr. Frazier?
How do you go?
That's the cat did me.
Make sure you
cover up them jewels!
Hello, Donahue.
What can I do for ya?
I'm ready to make a deal.
Oh? What kind of deal?
I want my own team.
And I want a bigger cell
with better ventilation.
What's the matter?
Has Grossberger been fartin' on ya?
Settle down, Wilson!
- I don't make deals, Donahue.
- Oh, I know that.
But I think in this case
it might be arranged.
- Good.
- I wanna win that trophy.
I'm countin' on you
to go balls out for it.
I only have one speed:
Balls out.
That's the spirit.
You're gonna be outta here while
you're still a relatively young man.
I'm looking forward
to that a lot.
- I guess we got ourselves a deal, huh?
- I guess so.
Ride 'em, cowboy.
I want an inmate-guard on them
every minute.
- Graham'll keep on eye on 'em.
- Put Blade on Graham.
Get on down all the way.
Get on down.
Hey, sucker!
Shit gonna start now, man.
What you doin'
joinin' the rodeo...
City dude like you,
suckin' up to the warden?
He's not sucking up
to the warden.
We're just havin' a little fun.
We showed some aptitude for this.
- That's all.
- Aptitude? You hear that?
Lay off him, Blade.
The man just doin' what he gotta do.
They were gonna cut the dude's nuts off.
- Ain't that right?
- I don't wanna discuss my nuts.
- Work your tail off, cowboy.
- Don't sweat it so hard.
Get shoved aside by someone who wouldn't
know one end of a pony from another.
Now he may be goin' into the rodeo,
but that don't mean he's comin' out.
What a horse.
Jesus, what a beauty.
What a sweet,
beautiful face he has.
Look. He's listening to us.
He's listening to every word
that we say. I'll bet you anything.
Sweetheart, here I come.
Don't be misled, my friend.
He's a chute fighter.
He will try to kill you in the chute.
He'd like to kick your head off.
I don't think so.
I'd love to try him.
- Don't you think you're rushing this?
- Did you see the look he gave me?
This is a sweetheart.
This is a little pussycat.
Although, I'll tell you the truth,
I've never ridden a real horse before.
Try to remember:
No spurs on the belly.
- No spurs on the belly.
- Spurs up high.
Well, this should be a snap.
Let her rip!
Skip! Are you all right?
I'm all right, fellas.
I just wanted to know what it was like
to get thrown. Grossberger, I'm fine.
You can put me down now.
You know, you get a little
overprotective sometimes?
Okay, where is that sucker?
Now let me explain to you
about bulls, okay?
A bull is the most evil,
And crafty sucker in the world.
He'll snot on you, fart on you...
do anything he can
to mash out your brain.
The worst kind of bull
is the one that won't do nothin'.
Just stand there, look at ya.
That means he's studyin' you,
soakin' up your weak spots...
And rememberin' 'em for the time
he gets to prance on your head.
Blade, you got it wrong.
I'm a clown.
I shoot the firecrackers
and the soda water.
There's a little car,
ten midgets in it, we all get out.
- That ain't no rodeo clown.
- I know...
A rodeo clown is the most
dangerous job in the world.
He's the one that gets
closest to the bull!
- He gets the best of the bull.
- I don't want the best.
Hook to the left!
Hook to the side!
If the bull rider is in danger,
he's got to protect him...
even if it means
gettin' his ribs pulled out...
- And bein' freight-trained!
- Freight-trained?
That's right.
Run over, just like a freight train.
Only with a bull, it's worse.
'Cause a


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