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no thanks
look at this
Dashka, let's go away from here
turn the wheel
you know.. in childhood we went to the south resorts every year
mom would always cook chickens before the trip
a train hasn't departed yet but we start lunch
meet other passengers
I would always take the top bed
one night I fell down
I took the train only once when uncle Mike took me and Kolia from Moscow
in childhood we lived on Peace Blvd. in Moscow
Once mom and dad flew to Novosibirsk
the airplain crashed
from all the relatives only unlce Mike took care of us
brought us to his town
you were friends with Kolia?
we lived in the same block. He was a really good guy
he is the only one from my family    ...he was
he got in prison because he protected me and stabbed a man
once in winter we were in a cafe, the road was under snow no cars
but there is a truck with a picture of palms, sun, sea, like paradise
there is no paradise in life
I wanna go to paradise
I'll get money and go
where? India? Africa? Rio De Janeiro?
Don't be naive. Who is waiting for you over there?
who is waiting for me here...
you can always start a new life
which new life? The same as sitting on this tramway and waiting for it to leave
you think it's better to ride elephants in Africa?
what can I do here? Sell junk in the streets?
why selling junk? You can try anything
for instance?
you don't know?
think of it. What do you like to do?
writing sms
what about sms?
have you been to Baycal?
I haven't
not necessary Baycal. When I'll go somewhere I will send you sms
but I'll have to think how to describe everything in a few words
bright yellow sun, blue sky, golden sand, warm ocean
actually.... no...
Hello Kostia. I'm in paradise. It's so quiet here
do you know if there is any car market close by? I wanna sell X-5
you sure?
I don't need him
I'll go to cemetry to my friends and then go back to Ilya
His friend is a supervisor in northen fleet. I'll get a job there and a new life
You need to go away from here. Cops are looking for you
not in paradise, but somewhere closer
Go to Baycal for instance
I wanna go there. But it's better to take Baycal and go abroad
yep, also Altai, Kamchatka, Murmansk and everything
take with you to some beautiful country then it's gonna be a perfect place!
then what will be left in Russia?
only cops
- how much?
- no idea  I don't sell
can you sell it though?
I don't know the price
you can take it for free
thank you
enjoy it
Sir, could you please help me open the hood?
so easy for you
do you know where to put water?
I just bought this car, I am not familiar with it
I can't even start it. Something's wrong with the battery
one of the wires is loose
it's done. Gonna work perfect
thanks. I don't know what I am gonna do without you
I think you will learn how to maintain it yourself
you don't like me...
Dashka, what's up?
why are we together?
You like me now?
crazy girl
why you saying this?
why are you flirting with that woman. Like her? Leave me
Dasha, hold on
you don't like my scar?
why you think so? I didn't even notice you scar
you lie
I don't even see it
I got scars too
it's ok. You are a man
You are pretty, Dashka, true, I like you so much
you serious, Kostia? Don't leave me
yes, I'm serious. I will not leave you
of course
- you serious, Kostia?
- of course
You understand? It's a great chance
he needs money as soon as possible
you would flip out if you see it!
tomorrow will be too late!
I need 5 more grands. I am waitin for you
Sergey, you understand that someone will take it?
right - 1500 dollars. Depart aeroflot - Friday the 11th at 9:30 a.m.
Return - Saturday the 19th at 2:10 p.m.  Hotel - Balgo Beach Resort
thank you
4 stars - all inclusive
how far is the beach?
you will hear the waves from you apartment
1500   - right
your change - 5 dollars. Have a safe trip
did you choose the destination?
I will take it for 14 grands
15 is cheap
.  .

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