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Бумер. Фильм второй

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look like that
- he is a good guy. Had a hard time
- how come you know? Got him in river and think he is good.
You are naive like a kid. What are we gonna do with this man?
we have to wait until he recovers, be patient
- is he gonna stay with us forever?
- I can take him to live with me
- his relatives should be looking for him
- he may not have any relatives
I talked to cops, they said he should go to them once he's recovered
May be he was drunk and fell in the water or something
why did Ilya rescue him? If he dies then what will we do?
Aunt Kira, what if I tell him he is my husband and we have a daughter
He doesn't remember anything. He'll believe it
too late. He won't believe you
he will believe
excuse me, did you see a man with no documents?
how old is he?
around 30
can you call me if you find him? Here is my phone. Thanks
he doesn't remember anything. I rescued him naked and wounded from the river
help him if needs to pee..
take care he's your brother
brother my....   crap!
where did you get it?
My name is Kolia? Good. I don't want to be Alfred
- Ilya, what happened?
- it's ok. He had a nightmare
how is he?
feed your brother
are you my sister?
what's your name?
eat this!
Sveta is my name
it's hot
this is my sister Sveta
shit damn it...  damn it to hell...
am I supposed to buy the damn propeller in Tokyo?
I am wondering - what kind of man is your brother?
he is a wonderfull guy. No one is closer to me
Kolia is the dearest man to me
where are your parents?
it's ok. He will recover. I'll visit him
hey, doggy, leave him alone...
Kolia, you feeling alright? Let's go inside
you doin good! Lost your memory, but found a woman
but you have a wife and four kids
just kidding..   you are not married
Hey, Cat, get ready to go
help me, please...
this is my only sister
hey man, who taught you how to count?
Zverev, follow me
hold on..  let us finish the game
I have to say something
a guy from your cell-block - Kolia Shubin died
he wrote a letter
to whom?
you gonna be visited soon? Send it with your relatives
no one visits me
not my problem, I am not FedEx
he also left a photo
let's keep playing..
Zverev, follow me you need to be checked for syphilis
stop watchin me, I know what I gotta do
Oh! The baby is back to me!
Ogorodnikov. Come here
Come in
- Ogorodnikov
- let him in
come in
you go
Ogorodnikov, Konstantin Andreivich  5th cell-block
Felony #105 section 2, #164, stn. 4   - 15 years
I want you to drink to the memory of one who just passed away
drink, feel free
get the glass now!
it's you
you don't exist anymore
you died in the hospital from heart failure
you are Shubin, Nikolay (Kolia) Sergeivich now, free citizen!
You have finished your sentence and being released. Congratulations!
Shubin, Nikolay Sergeivich
sorry, you registered not in Moscow, but it's fine anyway!
why did you motherfuckers kill Kolia?
He was supposed to be released!
shut the fuck up! Asshole!
get him outta here!
face to the wall
wait outside
Shit! we need to get rid of him as soon as possible! Do it!
so..  your brother was killed because of me
but I didn't do it. I don't know if you can forgive me
is that all?
actually, yes
thank you
thank you for your generosity
good bye. Where you going?
to a cemetary to my dead friends
...and then I'll see
if you ever need help feel free to come over
take some money
thank you so much
I'll repay you once I can
Good bye!
railway station
sir, excuse me!
there was a fire on the tire service. Only the car is left
I am the one that suggested Kitai rob you
I had that in mind
Kolia left his life for you
live instead of him
can I see your passport?
your last first and middle name?
everything is in there
last first and middle name!
Shubin, Nikolay  1979 year
you need me to say birth place?
man, you need a cell phone?
you trade phones or check docs?
Бумер. Фильм второй Бумер. Фильм второй

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