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you crop up, dick!
are you crazy? Let me go!
just a sec baby....
once I get outta here you dead!
This is your last chance!
open now you'll be fine!
I count up to 10!   ...1...2....
baby tired of yelling?
you calm now?
what you need creep?
cool down
get uphere
take my hand
eat this
you eat this
you think no one will revenge me?
my brother will blow off you head
I promise you
Kolia will cut your ass into hundreds of pieces
Dasha I need to talk to you seriously
I got Kolia's letter for you
it's important
Take it
can you hear?
you'll be warm soon
son of a bitch
tire service
hurry up
pressure is fine now
Misha, stop making a mess!
what's up? I'm sick..  wanna take a nap
take the wheel
Misha, don't smoke in the van
stop picking on me, I got a headache
get closer. No signal
alright  I'll turn it off
why you locked? Open!
get out
what the fuck you need?
calm down man!
who is in charge?
the ones in charge are in your Moscow
but here,we'are all bulls
looks like you overdid it,  Misha
Mikha, why did you off him?
you got shit in your head
cause you guys sucked
I didn't mean to slay him. He's too weak
we need to sell bmw as soon as possible
Steph, call Blind, he may take it for 15
bimmer docs says Pashparin Dmitri
guys, check this out! Too much fun!
the jacket is too small
I wasn't right when I was talking about paradise. Now I know
we have been to paradise when we were together and nothing else mattered
But now it's too late
why you laughing? You got a corpse in the car
this corspse is a Shakespeare
wrote a novel to a bitch
you wanna send it?
no address
it must be a secret letter
enough, lets get rid of the corpse
you understand, baseball player? Help us
the dude is not just an ordinary guy
has scars on the body
pull a little more, kick him out
the corpse shouldn't come up
Maim, no more tables. Would you like to join us?
you obssesed with a cell-phone?
sometimes..   why you askin?
my sister only speaks cell-phone text
Her boyfriend is on Baikal. They are having text-sex right now
by the way, he is describing Baikal
I got a nice picture      sorry, you can't see it bro
I'm sooooo  upset! He probably sent himself naked to you
you are crazy
I read in a magazine, that sms will create new language!
Assume we are on Baikal lake! Have you been there?
doesn't matter
Suppose you need to describe Baikal to your boyfriend in a few words
Why not writing - it is so beautiful here
What will he know about Baikal?
that it's beautuful
he will know nothing
but if you think of something special
for instance......
that's pretty tough to do
what's your name?
- Dasha
- Igor, This is my sister Sveta
- Nice meet you
- Nice meet you
- where you from?
- I am from here
We'are from Saratov, studing in Moscow
Travelling accross the country but my sister only saw her cell-phone
it's ok, maybe next time
move your feet - loose your seat
everything is ok! we nabbed the sucker
let's go
we take BMW, the red car is yours!
Have fun!
Mikha, he'll buy it, come on!
I gotta go!
Have a nice day, Igor!
what are you doing?
Where is he?
don't drive so, ok?
where did you leave him I gotta talk to him
we don't watch him. Let's go
Is he ok? Kitai, please tell me where is he
- what you want?
- Mikha, were is he? Is he alright?
- get out of the van. You got the car, get out!
- He's got my brothers passport. How to find him?
He is somewhere in Russia for sure! Look for him!
Mikha, Kitai stop please...
I don't remember anything. Don't even know my name
he is alright. No broken bones. Was knocked out.
remember anything?
what are we gonna call him?
I like the name Alfred
give me a break. We'll call him Vasia
why did you bring him? What are we supposed to do? What if he dies?
He won't. He'll get better. He was unconscious in the water. Got into trouble
- what if he is a criminal?
- no, he doesn't
.  .

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