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't negotiate with him
it's a hard desision
but I made it
Alex, are there any guarantees?
There are no guarantees
but don't worry my hitman will make it clean
You need to get out of town when he is dead
You will have to go far away
Any news? Did he call his whore?
no, he didn't
keep listenin, he should call her
hold on!
I need to move from the noise
I can't hear him
alright. Don't miss his talk!
I'll be waiting for your call
so incriminations to Mr. Kuznetsov aren't fair
he believes its blackmail
Ivan Kuznetsov will comment
- hello Mr. Kuznetsov                - hello
how do you comment on the situation?
Hello, Hello...   This offense shows
how important it is to investigate blackmail
I will cooperate with police to investigate
blackmailers that want to corrupt my reputation
I am honest with my family
and with all my electorat
I don't think we can make it
How much?
it's not a good deal
then - no deal
dad, today is sunday!
dad, I need some more to fill up Dasha's Honda
don't you see that all your friends use you
you should know the limit
Yes, Hello
it's a hard desision but I made it
Alex, are there any guarantees?
There are no guarantees
but don't worry my hitman will make it perfect
you understand?
what do you want?
20 thousand dollars    14, Nerkasov str.
delapidated house 1st floor the place marked with chalk. Bag wtih CASH
the object is in zone, be attentive
I see it
The car stops
getting out of the car
object is entering
object exits
I don't see any one suspicious
whatch everyone entering the building
getting into the car
car leaving
I see a van Mitsubishi close to the building
any news?
tired of sawing!
switch hands
i'm turning right
I am watching you
we got no news
no suspicious people
watch carefully
I see a woman with a babycarrige
she is ok
- did you check the basement?
- we had no time
your watch is wrong! set em up!
I see an ambulance
fucken bastard!
I see a dirty Honda can't see the plates
- Hello it's dad              - yes
- where are you?
- I'm on Proletarka str.                   - you with Dasha?
- No, she left yesterday
- left yesterday?
- yes. What happened?
fuck you man
let me go!  come on! Please!
Go to Proletarka str. for dirty Honda
are you crazy?
move the car outta here
I said move the car!!
hey! where you going?
Kolia, check this side
we are on Koroleva str. near her car
the girl has run. She is - 5 feet, blond, slim, can you hear me?
have you seen the blond girl here?
haven't seen
ah...  bitch!
fucken bitch!!!
keep change
- bitch, shit            - what happened?
- fuckin dog bitted me
please, help me
I need help, please
fucken young bitch!
once I catch her I'll cut her in pieces
Andrey, you gonna have to go to the doctor
which doctor? Where is the bitch? Keep looking!
What's your name?
Kostia, I don't wonna tell you anything
Ksusha, I am sorry, I will tell you later
Dasha, this is her dad. Where are you?
Let's talk
- you know what I need
- I don't have that money!
give me the recording, bitch! You'll be fine, otherwise.....
don't threten me. I will switch off my phone
and you will explain to your partner why you ordered him dead
Dasha, how can you do that to your friend's father?
you think it's alright?
you think killing people is alright?
I need money tonight. You understand me oligarch?
stop the car. I need to get out
you understand? Stop the car!
why don't you speak?
where are we going?
we'll stop later and talk
what are we supposed talk about?
stop the car
You want me to drive back?
where the hell are we?
we need to wait here for a while
we need to talk seriously
what talk?
you are deep shit
fuck you man
hold on   where you goin?
leave me alone
hold on   let me explain
live me alone me bastard!
don't touch me!
- come on!
- bastard! let me go
you creep! Open up!
stupid cow
where the hell did
.  .


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