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your brother is!
Better that, than flipping your crappy burgers
Damn ass!
Damn ass
...indeed damn ass
Who knows when she'll get back..
She just left
You know where to look for her?
She drives a silver Honda
I don't know the plates
She often goes to the town, not far from here
Visits her friend, a daughter of one rich man
I am homeless now
Deposit in a bank the bills which aren't burned
- They are dirty, a will the bank take'em?
- it should
Listen, I thought that's Irina
She is not worth you
- think so?
- yep
Look. I just printed yesterday
They are all for sale or for rent
near the ocean
this is where Pineyro comes from
the quality is crappy
original has such fine colors!
Let's go tonight
In the morning we'll get to Moscow, then take the first flight to Gua
in 8 hrs we'll be swimming in the ocean!
Fine, Dasha
Let's spend all the money in three days
and come back empty
We made not that much
we need to live on this
We wanted to spend it for getting abroad
Dasha, Dasha
hey Dasha
leave me
Hey, Dasha, lets make a nice deal for two months
and then we'll enjoy your ocean all life!
You said that we don't need much money overthere
like in paradise
Even in paradise
we would need money to survive
I dream how I meet Kolia
drive him to the airport
He is asking: where we going?
Then he realizes
And he says....
No, it's not gonna be, the money have burned
It's ok, Dasha. It could be even worse
You don't know hard was it to earn this money
I know, at least I imagine how hard
If you know, then shut up
not your business
When is he gonna be released?
This fall. I didn't get letters for a while.
May be he's gonna make a surprise!!
I'll make him a surprize myself!!
Listen.. How much you need to go abroad?
Do you really care?
I know a rich man, who cheats his wife
Let's make a tape of his phone calls to black mail him
and then we'll ask for 20 grands
10 yours and 10 mine
Hey, Ksukha, why you wanna mess with it?
Do you need it?
- How come you know that he has such money?
- He does have!
How  come you know?
He's my father, he cheats my mom
spends all the money with another woman
Ksusha, I sure?
Dasha, I know you need the money, right?
he's your father!
So what? We are not gonna kill him
...and I , his daughter, will get some money
He spends thousands on that bitch
while I have to beg every dollar from him
- You sure they will come over?
- Of course, I promised them such a good deal!
- How many of'em?
- Doesn't matter, check this out man!
very nice!
Hide it!
Hi guys! Could you help me find one girl
Your age, drives silver Honda
Who are you man? A cop?
No, I am not
I need to give her a letter from her brother
They are on the picture
Where you from man?
From Moscow?
From Moscow
...so you know this girl?
Her face is familiar
Pogon, have you met this chick?
May be, but I am not sure
Is it your car?
Any ideas where to find the girl?
In a dragon tonight, I guess
Ok. Thanks
Hey man! Hold on! Hold on! Listen!
how much is such beamer? 50 grands or what?
new is about 50
what year is this?
I don't know, I didn't buy this car.
You stole it?
this is my friend's car
Ahh.. Listen man
if I find an old one, do you think I can take it for 20?
I don't think so
Well... then how much?
why you askin?
I gotta know what I want
Any problem man?
What's your name?
I'm Vovka! Any problem?
Vovka, you don't need such car bro
Trust me
Take care of yourself
Good luck, Vovka!
What the hell did he say?
Insulted us, ah?
We shouldn't have let him go
We should trap him
What if he trapped you, then what?
This guy?
He is another Moscow yuppie! He's lame!
You're lame! He looks serious
probably he has been to prison
The bug signal covers 400 feet
attach it to the cd-changer 92.6 Hz
the mic activates from incoming calls from your cell
screen and vibro are locked
I'll pay later, ok?
Ok, get out
Hi to Kolia
no choice, you understand?
we can
.  .


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