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from the street, and people started to seek
their own prosperity. But anyone that went
against the social stream were oppressed and
forgotten by society.
The riots were over and becamejust a part of
history. The government officials had
completely oppressed and annihilated the
opposition. However, this lead to another
battle against the elite security unit that is
known as "Kerberos," who refused the order
from their officials to disband. It created a
symbolic figure at the end of this age.
Itwas a rebellion of watchdogs who had lost
their masters.
Koichi Todome, Midori Washio,
and Soichiroh Tobe...
... of first platoon must report to
headquarters immediately!
I repeat!
First platoon members:
Koichi Todome...
... Midori Washio, and Soichiroh Tobe
report to headquarters immediately!
Where are you going?
Why are you running away?
"Don't stop fighting!"
You gave me that order!
Are you Japanese?
What do I look like?
I'm Hayashi of
the Fugitive Support Group.
It took a while to confirm your
identity at headquarters.
As you know, it has been three years
since your group was destroyed.
These days, most people don't even
remember the incident anymore.
Excuse me, can I get chow-mein?
Three years ago is just like
the day before yesterday.
You must be joking.
You left Japan while on parole.
That's a very serious action.
I'll tell you about Koichi Todome,
who you requested us to investigate.
After he escaped from Japan, he drifted
from South America to Central America...
and finally arrived in this
country at the end of last year.
However, he became involved with
a local criminal organization...
...and was taken off of our list.
I guess he needed big money.
It's not so uncommon for a refugee.
You must already know...
...but supporters of our organization
hate this type of trouble.
Usually, we're not supposed to
give out this kind of information.
I don't know about her background.
Her name is Tang Mie.
How the mighty have fallen.
I can't believe that he was
once the leader of "Kerberos"...
... which terrified an entire metropolis.
He escaped from his country with
determination to continue the battle...
... and rebuild his organization,
but after all he set out to do...
Who is it?
Are you looking for Koichi?
Did you come from Japan to find him?
He left here three months ago,
and hasn't been back since.
He took his precious suitcase
and was gone.
He left here before and I had to go
bring him back every time.
But this time it seems
he's gone really far away.
He's still sending me money
once a month from Tainan.
I didn't know you had that much money.
I sold the condo.
I was planning to hire a
private detective to find him.
I'm glad you came.
You can save me some time.
I'm not a private detective.
Then there's no charge for this.
Of course, I'm going to
pay all the expenses.
I don't know what I'm gonna
do to him if I find him first.
Are you going to kill Koichi?
I don't know.
No, you won't!
You don't look like a bad guy.
How do you know that?
Oh, so you're saying
you are a bad guy?
I don't really know.
You don't know anything.
I knew that from the moment I saw you.
I heard that you were
dumped by someone before.
What are we going to do now?
Why did you come
to a place like this?
I had no other place to be.
I smelled my comrade
and came to this crowd.
But it seems like there's
no place for me to stay here.
I'm still a human inside,
even if I was trained to be a dog.
Why are you here?
I have a purpose.
A purpose?
I'll tell you sometime.
Do you like to take orders?
Who knows?
I like it.
I want to choose my own master.
That which I want to be faithful to.
Like a nation or a thought.
There are a lot of those
things to choose from...
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