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didn't know she was that scary.
You picked up quite a girl.
You still don't get it?
I'm not the one who picked her up.
She's the one who
picked you and me up.
I wonder...
You still haven't... with her?
What the hell is so funny?!
Shut the fuck up!
This is Hayashi.
You look angry.
Although he is out of
our support group...
...we still have taken an interest
in Koichi Todome.
He's just like a bomb to us.
If he attracts attention
from officials...
...our organization, which is
supporting many other exiles...
...would be in extreme jeopardy.
And, that might become a reality.
People might have forgotten about it,
but they haven't.
Especially, the officials
obsessed with the riot...
...but gave you parole
after only three years.
Isn't it strange they overlooked
your departure?
Didn't you think it was suspicious?
Dogs can overcome
any kind of difficulties...
...to go back to their masters.
It's an unfortunate
fatal habit for them.
Please tell him.
If he surrenders without resistance,
we'll leave you and her alone.
I made a deal with the officials.
With the condition that
you guys never go back to Japan.
They can't act too wild in this country.
I think it is a fair deal.
I'll be waiting at the hotel on
the National Route, 5 kilometers north.
You have until sunset.
Mr. Hayashi, is that your name?
Escaped from the group
and went into the crowd.
Met a woman and rented a house.
Ate dinner every night there.
And ended up escaping
from that place again.
What the hell were those
three years supposed to be for?
You mean to him?
To me!
The time when you guys can eat
at a roadside stand has ended.
The time when dogs disappear
from the street...
...will come soon to this country.
Even if your memory
of the time you were a dog...
...fills your heart with excitement...
...humans have to live
only as a humans.
That's all.
Where the hell are you going with it?
Don't give me orders!
If you can do that now...
...why didn't you do it back then?
If you had...
...I wouldn't have had to look for you.
I wouldn't have met Tang Mie either.
What is it?
You're stepping in dog shit.
What the hell are you trying to do?
Even if you sweep them away...
...the next group of people
will come back.
And the same thing will repeat,
again and again.
The wonderful love story
between a dog and his master...
...has already ended.
No, you have forced it to end.
It took three years for
him and me to end it.
Who is your master?!
Summer, 1991.
Koichi Todome went back to Japan.Inui!
Put on your helmet!
This is a warning to the
soldiers who are trapped inside!
You have been relieved of duty.
You are not authorized to
carry or use any weapons.
Disarm and surrender immediately!
I repeat!
Disarm and surrender immediately!
First, Second and Third platoon:
Assemble at the Central Hall
with 202 gear suits immediately!
To all platoon commanders!
Release the radio
blockade immediately...
... once the battle commences.
Report the operational range
of your division radio.
From headquarters to
all supporting units!
You will be relieved of all
your duties as of 0200.
Prepare arms and stand by for orders
from your division commanders.
Prepare arms and stand by for orders
from your division commanders.
How many days have gone by already?
Probably three days,
maybe three weeks...
Hasn't it been three years already?
Koichi Todome, Midori Washio,
and Soichiroh Tobe...
... of first platoon party must report
to headquarters immediately!
I repeat.
Koichi Todome, Midori Washio,
Soichiroh Tobe...
... must report to headquarters
Itwas the time when dogs were swept
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