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charge for this.
Of course, I'm going to
pay all the expenses.
I don't know what I'm gonna
do to him if I find him first.
Are you going to kill Koichi?
I don't know.
No, you won't!
You don't look like a bad guy.
How do you know that?
Oh, so you're saying
you are a bad guy?
I don't really know.
You don't know anything.
I knew that from the moment I saw you.
I heard that you were
dumped by someone before.
What are we going to do now?
Why did you come
to a place like this?
I had no other place to be.
I smelled my comrade
and came to this crowd.
But it seems like there's
no place for me to stay here.
I'm still a human inside,
even if I was trained to be a dog.
Why are you here?
I have a purpose.
A purpose?
I'll tell you sometime.
Do you like to take orders?
Who knows?
I like it.
I want to choose my own master.
That which I want to be faithful to.
Like a nation or a thought.
There are a lot of those
things to choose from...
...but what's best for me
is most important.
The only thing we can do is to choose.
I wish we both could find
masters who we won't regret.
They are stray dogs.
Someone might have
dumped them, or they got lost.
There are so many of
them around here.
They co-exist with humans,
but from a careful distance.
But they'll never open
themselves to humans.
They hold a strong grudge against
the humans who dumped them...
...but they also miss the smell
of their masters so much.
They are eternally ambivalent.
But they're animals no matter what.
They will never know the reason
why their master had to dump them.
What are you talking about?
I'm going to talk about an impressive
but tragic story about a dog...
...who is looking for his
master and his future.
He looked around for
the master he imagined...
..nning continuously
on his bloody feet.
Finally, this faithful dog even
climbed over the Rocky Mountains.
But, after he met the master
who he had been dreaming of...
...what was really waiting for him?
There is a proper reason
why people dump their dogs.
You can even call it a
historical necessity.
No matter how unreasonable
it may sound...
...the dog has to pay for any
misfortune on his own...
...even if he couldn't
understand the reason why.
That's the only lesson
and the saddest lesson...
...that humans and dogs have to learn.
Why don't you use your
brain a little more?
Lassie! Lassie!
Hang on Lassie!
Mistuwa! Mitsuwa!
Lassie of Mitsuwa!
Come here.
Come on, let's go!
Excuse me...
Shut up!
Sex maniac!
Lolita complex!
Let go of me!
You did a great job of finding me.
You got out of jail amazingly quick.
I was given a separate trial and
was a well-behaved model prisoner.
After I was paroled,
I forged a passport and flew here.
It was just because...
You had something to tell me.
I just wanted to ask you
what should I do from now on?
I don't have any right to
give you a command now.
Why don't you live here for a while?
This is a really nice place.
This place has good weather
and delicious fish to eat.
Besides, I have money from
the condo that Tang Mie sold.
That's why we should
all live together.
Hey Inui!
Isn't this place large enough?
Three people can easily live here
together if we fix it up a little bit.
...let's talk about the rent!
You two look pretty strong,
so if you both work hard...
...I'll give you a raise.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
You pulled up your ass too high!
Drop your ass!
You idiot!
Come on!
Hurry up!
Hey, what are you doing?!
Do it quickly!
Don't open your arms so wide!
Close your arms!
Come on!
What the hell are you doing?!
Damn it! You'll never finish
this until the sun goes down!
Hey! Are you playing with yourself?
You're ten years early!
It's ten years before you can do that!
What are you doing?!
The eyeballs are the most delicious part!
The eyeballs!
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