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Бродвейская мелодия

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wanted a diamond,
and it's real platinum too.
- That's pretty, Hank.
- I've invited the whole gang tonight.
There's Uncle Jed
and the stage manager...
...and Faye Fanchett
and the Flying Fools.
I'm gonna give her
the swellest party she ever had.
Oh, Eddie, I love her so.
You sure are regular, Hank.
Jock Warriner.
I wanna talk to her alone, Eddie.
I'll see you later
at the theater tonight.
All right, Hank.
Goodbye, Hank.
Oh, Queenie.
- You see, it's very simple.
- Rolling his own.
That's it.
Now, watch this one.
Boy, if you could do that
with my wife.
Say, give us something good,
something new.
Say, can you pull a rabbit from that?
Hello, everybody.
- I brought the radio with me.
- Joe, what have you got there?
- Gee, I can get Chicago with that.
- Chicago? Why, that's nothing.
- I got Scotland last night.
- How do you know you got Scotland?
Why, I heard the guy singing
"The Best Things in Life Are Free."
Take this cake in the other room,
and when you hear us yell "surprise"...
...bring it back lighted.
Now, don't forget.
Hey, give me a few of those things.
Give me a few of them.
Someone's coming. Are you all set?
Quiet, quiet.
Surprise! Surprise!
- Well, where's Queenie?
- Yeah, where's Queenie?
Why, there was another party,
and I forgot to tell her about this one.
I thought she'd have more fun there.
I'm sorry.
Jock Warriner, huh.
Say, listen, I've got an idea.
Let's give the party...
Let's give the party...
- For Hank.
- Great!
Wait a minute, folks.
Just a second.
Take all the things down to my room.
We'll hold our party there.
Hank doesn't feel very well.
Well, all right,
we'll go down to your room.
Good night. I hope you feel better.
Look, Hank, I'm awfully sorry.
- I'm sorry, Hank.
- I left a present for you.
- I hope you're feeling better, Hank.
- We'll see you tomorrow.
You see what you're missing?
Why don't you have a little drink?
It might buck you up.
- Good night, Hankie.
- Good night, Uncle Jed.
Good night, dear.
Hey, Eddie.
Ain't you coming down?
You run along, Jed.
I've got to tell Hank something.
- I'll see you in a little while.
- Sure.
But don't make it too long. You know
that bottle won't last very long.
Queenie and me have always been
on the level.
And now I'm fronting for her.
Won't you please give her
all the best of the breaks?
What's the matter, Hank?
I lost something.
Oh, Eddie.
At least I've still got you.
That's one break.
Goodbye, baby.
Happy birthday.
Queenie, aren't you
having a good time?
I'm having a marvelous time,
Mr. Warriner.
Now don't call me Mr. Warriner.
Call me Jock, won't you?
All right.
Mr. Warriner.
- Wait a minute, everybody. Queenie.
- Oh, I can't.
I want you to stand up here
where everyone can see you.
- A toast!
- A toast to Queenie!
A happy birthday to Queenie,
the queen of New York's beautiful girls.
- Many happy returns!
- Happy birthday!
I can't say anything
but thanks, everybody. A lot.
Oh, it's a lovely surprise... Jock.
Oh, it's nothing at all.
Will you dance now?
That cake is just elegant...
...but I can't eat it all.
Well, you eat as much as you can,
and we'll save the rest.
Please, Mr. Warriner,
ask them to play something else.
- I hate sentimental music.
- All right.
"Broadway Melody."
Don't wear a frown on old Broadway.
Tell me...
...why don't you like that song?
I don't know.
Well, what do you like?
I like cake.
Won't you tell me that you like me a little?
You mean it?
Will you tell me why you're so nice to me?
Please, I wanna dance.
Oh, no, come on.
Let's sit this one out.
But look, everybody's dancing,
and the music is playing and everything.
Mr. Warriner.
You don't mean this for me?
Why, of course.
Diamonds should only
be worn by beautiful girls.
Oh, it's just adorable.
I'd like to do a lot of things
for you, Queenie.
How would you like
an apartment all your own?
Say, on Park Avenue.
Бродвейская мелодия Бродвейская мелодия

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