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Бродвейская мелодия

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- Oh, yes, I am.
You're not! You're gonna listen to me.
I can take care of myself. And you
can both mind your own business.
Why don't you mind your sister?
She knows best.
You keep out of this.
I've got my own life to live,
and I'm gonna live it.
I'm not gonna be the third wheel
to anybody's bicycle!
Oh, Queenie!
Oh, Eddie, what'll we do?
Why, she's never gone
against my advice before.
Don't worry, Hank. She's only a kid.
She'll snap out of it.
I guess the bright lights
got under her skin.
Come on, let's go
and get a bowl of chili.
- Oh, you didn't go. You didn't go!
- I couldn't, Hank.
Oh, dear! I'm so glad.
Oh, they're elegant.
- Yeah. Where do I park them?
- Wait a minute. Put them over there.
Good morning, beautiful lady.
Oh, you frightened me.
Good morning.
- Oh, they're elegant. Thanks.
- Just a little birthday card.
Yes, well, they're lovely.
You'll excuse me now?
You have some place to go, haven't you?
Are you putting me out?
What's the matter?
Don't you like the flowers?
- Oh, they're beautiful.
- They're not half so beautiful as you.
Any girl that can look beautiful
so early in the morning...
That sounds like you know
a lot about girls.
I do. I'm an expert.
- Much obliged for the compliment.
- You're welcome.
Well, so long.
- Must I go?
- Please do.
- And thank you for being so nice to me.
- Not half so nice as I'd like to be.
I'm arranging a little party tonight
for your birthday.
- A party for me?
- Yes.
Come in.
But you mustn't do that.
- But why not?
- Because I don't want you to.
That's silly. Everything's arranged.
You must come.
Please don't.
Hello, Eddie.
- Hello, Queenie.
- Oh, hello.
- How are you? Where's Hank?
- She's out.
Then I'm gonna wait right here
till she gets back.
Well, it looks as if I'd better
take the air.
I'll give you a ring a little later,
shall I?
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
And thank you again for the flowers.
Well, I've got my suspicions about
any guy that kisses a girl's hand.
- What do you mean?
- He'll give you a ring later.
He'll give you a ring.
On the telephone, but not here.
What are you burned up about?
- He hasn't done anything to you.
- No.
- And what's more, he ain't going to.
- Sit down and cool off.
Hank'll be here in a minute,
and you can start raving to her.
Oh, Eddie, don't be such a crab.
Why do you let a guy like that
hang around you?
Say, will you lay off him? I'm sick
of hearing you crab all the time.
- I'll give him a sock in the nose.
- You and how many others?
I don't need any others.
I can do it all by myself.
What do you think of that?
I know. But you haven't anything
to do in the show.
I can team you up with this blond
and still book you as the Mahoney Sisters.
Nope. I've gotta stick around
and keep an eye on Queenie.
Queenie? What has she been doing?
She's changed, Uncle Jed.
She don't tell me things anymore.
Night after night,
she's out with Jock Warriner.
If it wasn't for Queenie,
I'd be the happiest girl in the world.
With Eddie?
Now, now listen, Hank.
Why don't you give Eddie a break
and marry him?
- Maybe I will.
- Maybe.
Maybe that's just what Queenie needs:
- To see you and Eddie happy.
- Do you think so?
It's exactly what
I've been trying to... Sure!
Queenie, I didn't mean to get
all burned up about Jock Warriner.
Queenie, I couldn't sleep
at all last night, thinking of you.
On the level.
I wrote it for you.
I wrote it about you.
It's you. Don't you know what I mean?
No, no. Hank.
Aw, Queenie, l...
You keep your thoughts to yourself
about Jock. I like him.
Queenie, don't be so mean to Eddie.
You two both better lay off me
from now on.
I'm darn sick of being nagged.
She's just the same with me, Eddie,
every time I mention his name.
But look it.
"Happy birthday, Queenie."
That's great, Hank.
And wait till you see
what's coming up.
It's my old ring.
I had it reset for her.
She's always
Бродвейская мелодия Бродвейская мелодия

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