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Бродвейская мелодия

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run a tub for you.
The Mahoney Sisters in BVDs.
Hey, what are you singing?
The bubble song from Lux.
Will you join me?
No use of us both getting wet.
Will you wash mine?
I might as well. You never wash
anything but your neck.
I not only wash them.
I gotta pick them up.
Oh, Hank, I didn't think.
Oh, you never do.
Oh, don't strain yourself.
I'll get them.
Oh, boy, this is going to be good.
Oh, I'll go.
Can you imagine my embarrassment?
Uncle Jed!
Hello, honey. How are you?
- Fine, and you?
- Great.
- Gee, I'm glad to see you, Hank.
- Oh, Queenie, hurry up. It's Uncle Jed!
Uncle Jed?
I'll be right out.
What a break for you.
- I'll be with you in just a minute.
- All right, honey, but hurry.
What do you know, Uncle Jed?
I've got you booked for 30 weeks
over at the Manley Time.
Nothing doing.
We're in New York to stay.
Say, listen, girls...
...you know, I know this town better
than you do. And there are more sisters...
...doing their acts over the lunch counters
in New York than over the...
Than in the theaters.
You're just a crapehanger.
Maybe, but let me tell you...
...tell you, tell you, tell you...
What's the name of that record
you're playing?
Say, listen, girls...
Well, what is it?
I love both you girls,
and I want to see you get along.
Sure, Uncle Jed, we know that.
But we aren't leaving this town till we
get a flash at Babe Ruth and Grant's Tomb.
- Oh, will you get that, Uncle Jed?
- You bet.
Oh, girls, your break... Your break...
Your coffee's here.
Bring the toothbrush glass
when you come.
- All right.
- Will you have some coffee, Uncle Jed?
No, thanks. I just had my breakf...
I just ate.
- Yeah?
- Uncle Jed!
Gosh, what a big girl you are.
- And so beautiful.
- Ain't she, though?
Well, I suppose you've decided
to stay in New York.
Yeah, we're all set.
But thanks for the offer, Uncle Jed.
That's all right.
I'll keep it open for a few days.
- All right.
- Goodbye.
- Oh, goodbye, Uncle Jed.
- Lf you wanna see me, just call me up.
Yeah, all right.
You're in the phone book?
You bet.
I think we're making an awful mistake
not to take that work.
I know what I'm doing.
We stand as big a chance as anybody else.
What did the Duncans have
when they hit Times Square?
"My Patio."
Say, we've got more than the Duncans
ever had.
Well, the Duncans are pretty good too.
Say, what'd we do to them
on the Gus Sun Time?
We knocked them off their seats.
Come in.
- Eddie!
- Hank!
Oh, baby.
Let me have a good look at you.
- Gee, but it's good to see you.
- Oh, boy, is it good to see you! Oh, gee!
That's my Queenie!
- Queenie? You don't mean to tell me it's...
- Sure.
Queenie, all grown up and everything.
Ain't she? That sisterly kiss
won't be so hard to take now.
I'll say it won't.
- Take it big.
- I did.
You were a funny-looking thing
the first time I saw you...
...with those gangly legs and freckles.
But you certainly turned out to be
a beautiful girl.
Well, I'll go get some clothes on.
I'm just crazy about her, Eddie.
She's so young and beautiful.
Of course she is.
Well, Hank, now that you're here,
when are we going to get married?
Oh, not till we've put this act over.
I'm gonna give Queenie a break.
Always doing something
for somebody else.
No wonder I love you.
- I kind of got a weakness for you too.
- Yeah?
Mrs. Eddie Kearns?
Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
Swell, Eddie.
Yeah, and you can feature
that anytime in the electric lights.
- Gee, still the same sweet kid, ain't you?
- Why, certainly.
Hank, did you pack my new dress
in the trunk?
I'll get it for you in a minute.
Come here, Queenie.
- Gee, I can't get over how she's changed.
- Well, you sure look elegant, Eddie.
- Doesn't he, Hank?
- He's an eyeful.
Three carats.
And here's the payoff.
Look, but don't laugh.
Gold garters!
Oh, Eddie, I always knew
you'd make good.
Yeah, and I ain't forgetting that you're the
Бродвейская мелодия Бродвейская мелодия

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