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Бродвейская мелодия

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nothing doing. Hotels for mine,
where I can get service.
- I'd be all out of step in a real home.
- What do you mean?
- You're coming to live with us, all right.
- I should say she is.
Just like a trouper.
Troupers are all tramps.
Here today and gone tomorrow.
No home, no nothing.
Hank, you're just a born trouper.
Doggone this weather. It certainly
is tough on colds, isn't it?
Well, say, I want Queenie
and Eddie to see the act.
Say, where is that blond, anyway?
I don't know. She's always late.
Hank, you're a sight for sore eyes.
- Hello, Uncle Jed.
- Oh, hello, Flo.
- You know everybody, don't you?
- Hello, darling.
- Oh, Eddie.
- Hello, Flo.
Oh, Eddie, tell me, did you have
a good time on your honeymoon?
Yeah, great.
Oh, Eddie, when you
open your new show...
...gonna give me a job, aren't you?
- Why, certainly.
Oh, you're grand.
Say, come on, stupid.
Let's run through the act for them.
But, say, you know something?
She's a born trouper.
We're gonna break in the act
and bring it to New York.
- That's great.
- Say, step on it, will you?
- I've got a matinee.
- Sure.
I want two choruses...
...and you follow us, not us you.
- Come on, Flo.
Say, listen. There's gonna be no part
in your show for that dame, get me?
Of course not, honey.
It's kind of rough yet, but don't
you say it's pretty good for an opening?
You know, if you don't hurry,
you're gonna miss that train.
- Oh, the train.
- Sure, the train.
Oh, Hank. Hank, can I help you?
Yes, you could hold my coat for me.
I forgot all about the thing.
Oh, Hank.
That's all right, Queenie.
- Goodbye, Eddie.
- Goodbye, Hank.
Oh, you'll write to me soon, won't you?
Yeah, I'll write you from Peoria.
Now, where's my hat? Where's my hat?
- Oh, where's my hat!
- Here's your hat.
Here. Here. Here's your valise.
- All right. Bring it, Uncle Jed. Come on.
- It's pretty heavy.
- Goodbye, Hank.
- Goodbye, Hank.
- Goodbye, Hank.
- Don't forget to write. Goodbye.
Oh, don't cry, dear.
Hank won't be gone long.
The season will be over before you
know it, and she'll be back here with us.
It ain't that, honey.
But it seems like Hank
ain't never had a real break.
And I guess I haven't done much
to make her any happier.
I wouldn't feel that way about it, dear.
Hank'll be much happier back on the road.
Why, she couldn't give it up.
It's her life.
She couldn't live without it.
And now that she knows
you're taken care of...
Don't cry, honey.
People can't help falling in love.
It comes to you no matter what you do.
And I love you, dear.
Oh, and I love you, Eddie.
You were just meant for me.
Opening in Peoria.
Four shows a day.
Zanny said he'd make me
a star in six months.
Say, listen, it's better to star in...
In Oshkosh than to starve on Broadway.
That's a bunk.
Say, now you listen to me,
stupid. I'll handle things.
Yes, and I'll have you back on Broadway
and in the Palace in less than six months.
- No fooling?
- Why, it's cream in the can, baby.
Sure, it's...
It's... It's in the can.
Бродвейская мелодия

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