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Who cares about her anyway?
My gown is as good as hers.
Let me show you.
Its not my fault, I swear!
He came here on his own!
I saw your special mission.
After such a monstrous lie,
I will not stay with you any longer!
Im sure the children will understand
when they grow up.
Ill take care of the divorce
formalities. Goodbye.
Good morning.
Ive got to leave right now
for Dubrovka.
Right! But not now.
Tomorrow well send you a taxi.
Will eight oclock be all right?
But why not today?
Today well need your help.
We want you
to meet your friend.
The one you took a fishing trip with.
The man who invited you to dinner.
Ah, Gennady Petrovich...
Youll see him
and tell him casually
that at eight oclock tomorrow,
you plan to go out to Dubrovka.
And, most importantly,
youll tell him, also casually,
that the casts coming off your arm
the day after tomorrow.
- Is it Guesha?
- Yes.
Then why havent you...
We didnt want to scare off
a more important fish.
- You sing beautifully!
- Oh, come on...
Have you known citizen Gorbunkov
for long?
Yes, ten years, sorry to say.
So for ten years he hit the bottle,
debauched and led an immoral life?
For ten years he has very cleverly
masked himself
as a decent person.
I didnt trust him, though.
Dont you think we must always
trust people?
I dont think
you can ever trust a man
except in the most extreme cases.
- Thats really your opinion?
- Yes.
Listen... who are you anyway?
I work with him.
Say, hes a colleague.
I see. Booze partner.
You get out of here!
As you say among yourselves,
back to your cage!
All right, but just one question.
Did you use good glue to put it up?
Dont worry, lush,
you cant rip it off!
Now take it off, please.
Chief, were done for.
The cast is going to be removed,
the customers leaving...
Ill kill him! .
Where are you going
so early in the morning?
To see my family at Dubrovka.
Did you call for a taxi
to go to Dubrovka?
Yes, I did.
Get in.
- Goodbye.
- Have a nice trip.
Why didnt Mikhail Ivanovich
And Volodya?
Are they busy?
- What is your rank?
- What rank?
Are you like Volodya,
a lieutenant in the police?
A lieutenant... First Lieutenant...
May l, to impress my wife,
call you that?
Comrade First Lieutenant?
- Is it all right if I do?
- Yeah, sure.
And please be sure to tell her
that you put me on a special mission
that evening at the hotel.
And for her not to get worried,
just keep quiet
about smugglers,
diamonds and gold.
Keep quiet? It cant be done.
I have to consult about it
with the chief... with those above me.
- With Mikhail Ivanovich?
- Yes, with Mikhail Ivanovich.
Give him my best regards.
Hello? Chief? Its me...
Chief, this is me, Lyolik!
He took off for Dubrovka
twenty minutes ago.
In a taxi. It was a beige Volga.
The number was 28-70 OGO.
Roger. I got it.
Guesha is nineteen kilometers out.
To hell with him anyhow. Roger.
Were going by a new operational
keeping a low profile.
Mikhail Ivanovich sends his regards.
Everythings going to be all right,
and even better.
Your old lady will get you fit as
a fiddle, without a cast.
Mikhail Ivanovich has ordered
the cast removed today.
- Youve caught him?
- You bet we have.
- And who is it?
- Some dimwit.
Why go back to your place?
No point in wasting time.
Weve got a spot by the road
where we can knock the cast off.
To quote our dear chief...
Mikhail Ivanovich,
youve got to strike the iron
when youre close to the swag.
Were going to reduce it to shreds
and get at every stone and coin in it.
Could you please take inventory
and make a list of everything?
Sure, were going to do it all legal,
with receipts and everything.
Well even take your finger prints.
Our operation will take at most
about fifteen minutes.
Soften down the plaster
while I pick all the stuff up.

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