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the morning.
Were going to see the chief
right now!
I cant go in my condition.
I need to take a bath at least,
and a cup of coffee.
Youll get your bath all right there,
and coffee, too.
Even some cocoa with tea!
Lets go!
Lets go, Guesha.
Nadia! Nadia, honey!
Senya, calm down.
Theres a way out.
You must go to the police
and tell them everything.
- About what?
- Your treason.
How could you possibly imagine that?
You, my wife,
mother of my children!
Oh no! Not that!
How else could I possibly explain it?
You could imagine anything,
but not that!
Oh, this is the end!
Where did you get that gun
and that money?
Shut up, you wretched soul!
Shut up!
Senya, tell me, where did you get
that pistol and that money?
I beg you, please tell me!
All right, I will tell you.
But dont say a word to anyone!
I swear.
Its a state secret.
That money and that gun were given me
to help me with my mission.
- What mission?
- Sorry, I cant tell you that.
When the time comes,
youll know everything.
You might even... get a reward...
After Im gone!
Thats a marvelous plan, chief!
At twelve oclock it will be ready
to roll.
A genius!
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Bon jour, Madame.
Im enchanted to welcome you
in this modest, but rather cozy...
Salut, wonder boy!
The chief sent me.
Everything is ready.
- The papers?
- The passport is right here.
- Which joint?
- Hotel Atlantic.
A nice double room, all prepaid.
- The guy?
- Front view. Profile.
The fee?
An advance, for starters.
One pill will be enough.
Excuse me, havent you got the same
thing, but without the wings?
No, sorry, we havent.
Well, Ill look around.
Havent you got something like this,
but with mother-of-pearl buttons?
No, sorry, we havent any.
Well, Ill have a look around.
- Who, me?
- Yes.
Excuse me.
I overheard you...
Ive got what youre looking for,
with the mother-of-pearl buttons.
Only its in my suitcase at the hotel.
- Do you need it badly?
- Yes.
Then Ill give you my address.
Hotel Atlantic.
Its not far from here.
Will nine oclock be convenient
for you?
All right then.
Here you are. Ill be looking forward
to seeing you.
Nine sharp. Hotel Atlantic.
Room 327. Anna Sergeyevna.
I have a gut feeling
its a real fish this time.
What does she look like?
I see.
Keep on your toes. I expect a better
show from you than last night.
I dont drink at all.
A friend invited me.
By the way, how is he
after last night?
I dont know, he didnt phone.
All right, go to the hotel
and act depending on the situation.
There might be accomplices there,
check it out.
Is your gun with you?
The psychic one.
Well hear your signal.
The note, please.
Chanel, number five.
Ill be seeing you!
Where are you going?
Ah, your mission.
- Be careful!
- Ill be all right.
Ill be back soon.
Hotel Atlantic
- The customers here.
- Perfect.
Hello, Five? He just went in.
Roger. Out.
Hotel Atlantic. Room 327.
Anna Sergeyevna. Nine oclock.
Come in!
At last!
Good evening.
Have a seat. Ill be right with you.
What are you up to?
Whats the matter?
My cuff link. It rolled under there.
Here, it came off.
You nearly frightened me to death.
Let me help you.
I thought something had really gone
See, my hearts thumping like crazy.
Feel it.
Feel it.
I feel it.
As soon as hes asleep,
shell turn out the lights.
What if he leaves?
- Could you leave a girl like that?
- But hes a faithful husband.
There is no husband
who has not longed to be a bachelor
at least for an hour.
Look out for the signal!
How about that gown?
A friends going to bring it
in a minute or two.
- Do you mind waiting?
- No, I dont mind.
In the meantime, would you like
some wine?
Id rather have... beer.
I only have wine.
Heres to our chance encounter.
Come on, drink!
Whats keeping your friend?
Maybe, Ill come back another

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