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want to see you in your grave,
with a shroud around you!
I want to see you living only
on your salary!
Victor, cant you read?
Dogs walking not allowed!
Mommy, look!
Oh, get down from there!
Our lawns arent made to walk on!
- Then what are they made for?
- Their aesthetic beauty!
Then where can I walk him?
You can walk him in your flat!
What is this?
Good morning!
Ive been to London.
There, dogs walk anywhere they want.
Dog is mans best friend.
It may be in London
that dog is mans best friend,
but here, mans best friend
is the superintendent.
Treasure handed to government
Old man!
Have you got a light?
- What? You deaf and dumb?
- Right!
I thought so...
There he is!
Hes an idiot.
Theres no problem.
Well trap him! Itll be easy.
Invite him to go fishing
at the Black Stones.
Like we agreed.
And arrange to spend the night there.
Only do things right.
Like give flowers to his old lady,
and ice-cream to both brats.
If only you can remember all that,
Lord Nelson!
You lamebrain! The ice-creams
for the brats!
Oh, my eye? Its nothing,
its getting better.
Senya, hows your arm?
No pain?
Can you move your fingers?
No, no, the other arm.
Good, youll be okay.
Youre his friend.
Please, use your influence.
He doesnt take his arm seriously.
You know whats wrong with daddys
arm? Its not what he tells everybody.
And what is it?
Hes got a compound fracture,
not a closed one.
Now go to your mama.
Senya, lets go trout fishing with me.
To the Black Stones. Well rent
a boat and spend the night there, huh?
No, not for the night.
My arm might catch cold.
- Lets go in the morning.
- Anything you say.
- So, at the crack of dawn then?
- Right!
What are you doing?!
Put down the gun
and apologize this very minute!
Such a charming child!
Our fashions were created by
designer Margarita Semyonova,
architect Rogal Levitskaya,
chief designer
Albert Mudrik.
Here is our summer combination
outfit Universal-69,
which earned a prize of encouragement
at the regional modern garment forum
in Zhitomir.
The original feature of this model
being that you can very easily
change the coat into a jacket.
But thats not all!
With just a twist of your wrist,
your trousers are changed...
your trousers are changed...
the trousers are changed...
to elegantly looking shorts.
You will forgive us the delay
due to a technical incident.
And finally, we present our latest
a beach ensemble
Why is the chief here?
The plans been changed. Youll pull
off the operation at White Rock.
- Why?
- Not such a big crowd there.
They dont bite at White Rock!
Theyll bite so well that our customer
will forget about everything.
Is all the rest according to the plan?
Everythings the same otherwise.
Youll knock him out a little...
You know, thats not artistic.
But its cheap and very practical.
Chip off the plaster and we split.
What about my alibi?
Try and get marks of violence
on your face.
But Im begging you to...
Dont you worry, Kozlodoyev.
Ill bash you real carefully,
but hard.
Good evening.
Where are you going so late at night?
Im going fishing early in the morning,
and I forgot to go to the bakers.
Theres one open
at the other end of town.
Poor guy!
To think that it shouldve been me.
Get drunk and itll be you.
Lets load him on.
Good evening, Semyon Semyonovich!
But I dont know you.
- Call me Volodya.
- Senya.
I bring you greetings from
Mikhail Ivanovich.
He wants to see you urgently.
- When?
- Why not now?
Then Ill be late to buy bread.
Dont worry, Ive got my car.
Well, thanks very much, Volodya.
Good night.
I wish you a good fishing trip.
Youre sure youll be going
to the Black Stones?
Good night then!
Our tenants dont go to the bakers
in a taxi.
I guess this is it.
Or maybe...
We shouldnt have come here.
The fish bite better at Black Stones.

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